Night Time Shenanigans and Other News

So I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea and can I just tell you that while I love my new little machine, the first night with the cats was ridiculous! Wait, what kind of nighttime shenanigans did you think I meant? LOL

So, first, Gizmo objected to the tube on “his” pillow (which I also use) so he went to the other side of the bed to pout. While he was there, Griffie stole the spot on the pillow. Winnie couldn’t figure who I was in the nose mask and was quite freaked out. When Gizmo was over his pout, he was shocked to find his spot occupied and so the night went. In spite of it all, I woke up feeling like a new woman and I’m thoroughly impressed with my new little sleep machine. Now if I could just figure out why I keep taking it off at night!

On the sewing end of things, I haven’t been doing nearly as much quilting as I would like. I’ve finished a few more scrub caps and I’m adding to my string block count.

I’ve also started on a long-procrastinated project. This old chair was one I reupholstered in a class when I was pregnant 30 years ago. It was my very favorite and we made a lot of good memories in this chair reading stories and watching movies. With my new-found, sleep-fueled energy, I’m tackling this project. The chair, after all, couldn’t look worse than it does now!

Next week we have a blog hop coming up and I’m excited to share a little “wildlife” with you all as part of the “Born to be Wild” blog hop.

In the kitty news, senior cat Griff just turned 18 this past week! May 8th was his 18th birthday and now he’s nagging about being able to vote. I still haven’t convinced him that he can’t sign up for drivers’ ed after turning 16!

Griffie Bear at 18!

Around the place there are blooms and more blooms (and weeds and more weeds) but I had to share this picture of the azaleas that Phil and I planted years ago. They’re my favorite color!

Well, I’m going to have to knock off here because my lunch break is over and I have to get back to it.

I hope you are safe and well and I’ll write more soon!

Happy quilting


3 responses to “Night Time Shenanigans and Other News

  1. Hi Beth! Your azaleas are just GORGEOUS. WOW! Oh, that brings me back to when I was young and had moved to the LA area. My apartment had them all around – I can still close my eyes and smell them. Amazing what a good night’s sleep and being able to breath does for a person, huh?! Good for you for getting diagnose and following through with the machine. Wouldn’t you just love to know what the kitties thought about you wearing that mask and the noise of the machine?! Enjoy your weekend. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Shirley Clark

    Beautiful azaleas! When we moved in this house in 2004, we had the most amazing azaleas. They were huge! Then in 2011, we had a terrible drought here in N. Louisiana. We lost parts of them because no amount of watering would help.
    I made a small string lap quilt to give away. I love them, but it sure took a lot of time for me because I like to mix up the colors. LOL
    Griffin reminds me of my cat from childhood. We called him Sylvester.

  3. Had a good chuckle at the cats’ antics. I imagine it was funnier in the morning than it was at night! You remind me that I have strings to find and sew up.

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