Project Quilting 12.5….A Little Crazy in the Middle!

This week’s Project Quilting challenge was crazy quilting. Now, I’m not much of ribbon and embroidery person but I love improve piecing with tiny bits that my friends think I’m “crazy” to keep. The process is the same as crazy quilting.

I started by dumping the blue crumb jar on the table.

Then I started sewing bits together until I could get 9 6.5″ squares. I dived into the 3.5″ strip bin for star points and background.

I added a fun quilter’s map fabric between the blocks with blue cornerstones and finished it with one of my mini- bolts in blue. (It’s so fun to use up pieces of fabric!)

I backed it with flannel and bound it with a two- toned binding. The quilting is a freehand of loops and hearts using my Q’nique 21 Pro. This one is definitely one I’m keeping because I love how it came out! (It’s 60″×60″, by the way. )

Happy quilting!


2 responses to “Project Quilting 12.5….A Little Crazy in the Middle!

  1. Crazy in the Middle… LOVE!!!

  2. Hi Beth! I just love your interpretation of crazy! Of course, stars are always a win/win in my book. The nice closeup you shared I actually had to study for a bit – not to see the crazy but to understand what you did. FABULOUS! ~smile~ Roseanne

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