Project Quilting 12.3 – Virtual Vacation (the big and the little!)

Since I now have the luxury of only working one job, my goal for Project Quilting this year was to make bigger items and this week I almost made it! So, I have a tiny finish (a pin cushion) for my finish.

Sailing Away with a tiny pincushion.

But, I also want to share my almost finish. When the Virtual Vacation theme was announced, my thoughts went right to the ocean. With the pandemic, I haven’t sat on a warm beach since the time of my mom’s funeral. I am excited for a post-covid world when we can safely travel. Hawaii is high on my list, and London. Of course, there are furry friends to attend to when we travel and we are still trying to integrate the Puma into the kitty herd.

Anyway, the almost finish…I started with the idea of sailboats and then rabbitted off to signal flags and every ocean needs fish, and where would the sky be without birds and, hey, it’s the tropics so birds need color…well, you know how that goes. Also, I wanted my signal flags to spell out something and they do. I was going to spell out Sail Away with Me but I didn’t want to deal with some of the angles (remember, only a week) and so I went with Let’s Go. I think I’ll have to find a way to quilt in a sneaky apostrophe, there’s no signal flag for that!

Also, I decided that I really want to take my time quilting this one…I’ve been watching Angela Walters videos and I’m feeling inspired! Ooops, gotta go or I’ll miss the link up!

Happy quilting!


One response to “Project Quilting 12.3 – Virtual Vacation (the big and the little!)

  1. Little trips and big vacations… LOVE!!

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