Project Quilting 12.1

Finished and sliding in under the wire.. it’s nice to keep the tradition alive! I bit off a tad more than I should have this week and decided to make a throw size quilt. I used a super easy star block featuring 8 different yellows and a grey, many left over from a quilt I made for my youngest a while back. Roughly 60″x60″, this was a throw that was quickly claimed by my oldest (her favorite color has been “lellow” since before she could speak. )

I made the border by cutting 3.5″ strips and cutting then into miscellaneous sized chunks. I quilted it on my Qu’nique Pro 21 using my favourite swirly design. This is definitely a quilt I’d like to revisit as it would make a great donation project!

Thanks, Kim and Trish for making the new year much better already! This is my second finished quilt of 2021!

As it’s 3:45 in the morning, I’m going to close now and post again tomorrow!

Oh, and, of course, nothing gets done here without the appropriate “help!”

Happy quilting!


8 responses to “Project Quilting 12.1


    So pretty and my favorite colors. I have the star pattern. The scraps boarder is great!

  2. Love the scrappy goodness of this quilt! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Very Nice. I have made a smaller version I think from the Bernina website We all sew? for charity Quilts for Kids. The size is usually around 40 x 45ish for them. I like how you added the border for a bigger piece.

  4. You really are amazing! Well done! It’s just what I need for a baby quilt inspiration! I’ve always loved this big star!


  5. Nice finish, Beth! I love these colors and fabrics together. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. I’m not sure which part I love most about your entry for PQ12.1!! Is it the chunky donation-worthy pattern? Nope! I like that a lot. The BEST part is that you oldest has already claimed it! :o))

  7. Love your quilt and your kitties, too!

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