Weekly Weigh-in

Aaack! It’s Friday and, as the rabbit says, I’m late! So, first things first…”Cross Fit” is trademarked so my UFO campaign is officially changing to Quilter’s Cross Training. Same concept minus the trademark infringement.

My first week was pretty productive. I finished a few scrub caps over the break but I’m not certain which ones were the first week of January. 🙂 I think it was 4.

I also finished my first post-it wall project! This string project went from top to quilt!

I tried out my favorite free- hand swirly quilting on the longarm. I’m getting more comfortable with each quilt.

Every bit of this quilt was leftovers… scrap strings and leftover triangles in the blocks, leftover strips from other backings for the back and four different leftover pieces of binding. I even Frankenbatted the batting. (That is what I call it because I use a big wide zig zag to stitch the pieces together. )

So how was your week? Make any fun progress?

Tomorrow’s a big sew day for me because I need to finish my project quilting challenge quilt. Will it surprise anyone if I say I may have bit off a touch more than I can chew? Stay tuned!

Happy quilting!


One response to “Weekly Weigh-in

  1. Hi Beth! Great job on your week especially on your pretty string quilt finish. I love that quilting design – nice choice to give the piece some movement. ~smile~ Roseanne

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