Finally Finishes!

I’ve been waiting to share these until after they were gifted. I was commissioned to make a pair of t-shirt quilts for a friend’s twins. These two graduated with my oldest so it was also fun to look back. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! (My mom used to say, “I don’t know how I got all these old kids!”)

I’ve heard back that they loved them and that makes my heart happy!

So does this picture of my nephew dog, Odie.

Rockin’ that Cone of Shame!

And, I’m very excited to see this picture of the first two UFO post-its hanging on the “Done” display area!

Speaking of pictures… take a look at what we saw during the recent fires. It was really scary and I’m grateful it wasn’t worse. I’m so very devastated for all of those who lost homes and family members. Our air quality was so bad it hovered in the hazardous range for days. We evacuated to my brother’s house where it was also horrible but stayed about 50 points better than home.

I spent this last weekend getting loads of stuff from my brother’s home. And, now that I’m unloading, it’s time to give the closets a good cleaning! I was grateful for the chance to spend some time together. We’re going to try for a weekly movie night since we’re now in one another’s quarantine bubble. You have to love a guy who takes you, your family, six cats and a dog in on a moment’s notice without complaint!

Just one funny from the evac… just as Sarah and I were getting ready to leave, I turned to her and said, “Wait, we have to leave on the right note. ” I had her queue up the theme song from Indiana Jones as we headed off to battle traffic for hours!

I hope your day is full of quilty adventures… be sure to check out the Garden Party Row Along and the Hello Fall hops that are going on right now!

I hope this finds you safe and well.

Happy quilting!


4 responses to “Finally Finishes!

  1. Odie is TOO CUTE! Just like a dog to make the most of any situation… getting a chew bone makes the cone go away!LeeAnna

  2. You have done a fantastic job on these tshirt quilts!

  3. Hi Beth! Oh, I love that picture of Odie! How on earth did he get that bone in his mouth with the cone on?! Don’t you just want to give him a big ‘ole hug?! Great job on the t-shirt quilts. I’m so glad they were appreciated and can be enjoyed now. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. So glad you got to go to Larry’s and you’re all safe. Love the T-shirt quilts, you’re giving me ideas. Think about you and girls all the time. Love you!

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