This and that… and fabric!

I was looking back at photos and found this picture of Phil with the koala. I love the way the koala is looking at him and that little smile lurking at the corners of Phil’s mouth. It’s been 11 months today and the loss is like a constant ache… and that’s just how it is. I’d rather live with this ache than have missed out on this wonderful man. Not that we didn’t have struggles but we loved one another through it all. Sometimes you just have to accept and keep busy.

So, in the keeping busy category…I have to say that I’m learning new things and I’m so very thankful for the friends and neighbors and family that are helping.

Under the tutelage of a friend, I learned to change a sprinkler head and faced my fear of going into the standup crawl space to turn on the sprinklers. Another advised me on how to clean and seal my steps.

After cleaning…
After strain and sealing.

I spent last Thursday filling the entire yard debris container with weeds but this weekend’s heat has me hanging out in the sewing room instead.

I’m hard at work here, too, and decided I must, must, must reduce the UFO list. So, since I like a good visual, I bought a pack of bright post-its and started this

The UFO list!

A post-it wall of UFO’S! Now, full disclosure, those are the ones I remembered off the top of my head. Trust me, there are more! I’m planning to move completed ones to my cork board. (I actually used all the pink ones in the pad up so add-ons will be in blue. ) With my UFO list in full sight, I felt comfortable boxing up some projects in progress because the wall will keep me from forgetting them!

Now, to the most fun part, fabric! I keep saying I’m going to stop, that I don’t need any more but look what my daughter got me…

And, in addition, she contributed to the destash going on over at NW Quilted Cat as Jennifer raises money for a big surgery for her pup!

If you aren’t following NW Quilted Cat, you really should!

And a little bit of estate sale fabric wandered home with me… and a bunch of Helene Knott’s adorable cat block patterns.

And, biggest accomplishment of all is this one…

Yep, it’s a zucchini… you can laugh if you want but we’ve had terrible luck with zucchini. They’d get all silvery looking and never produce anything. But this is the first and the plant is full of blossoms and two more in progress! I even have a volunteer giant pumpkin. Yes, this lady grew a zucchini and I’m very proud of it! (It really is the little things in life. )

And, being that we’re talking about life at our house… here’s a picture of how my Saturday got derailed last week….but he’s so cute!

I ask you, could you disturb that adorable face? I certainly couldn’t! And, yes, he’s as big as he looks. Milo tips the scales around the 20-pound mark. 20 pounds of adorableness! He’s been a big guy since we got him as a 16 week-old kitten weighing 6.5 pounds.

Well, doggo is giving me the, “I’m sure it’s cooled down and we should walk” stare so I’m off to take him for a stroll. I hope this finds you well and you can point to a bright spot in your day.

Happy quilting,


4 responses to “This and that… and fabric!

  1. I love the picture of your hubby and the koala. It is precious. I also love your visual with the post it notes. I also have a visual to remind me of my UFOs. A year ago my husband built me an open cabinet with shelving spaced to hold my UFOs. He even helped me box things up in clear plastic boxes with labels. It is all right by my sewing machine in clear view and a ready reminder of what I want/need to work on.

  2. Hi Beth! {{Hugs}} a bunch for you. I’m so glad you have happy photos of Phil and memories that you can hold close in your heart. It doesn’t remove the ache but it does bring a smile. Those are a LOT of pink post-it notes!! And, I know more blue is to follow – but won’t it be so FUN to move them to the corkboard?!! Those new fabrics – I knew right away that you received some Tula goodness. Finally, no way would I have moved Milo or even wanted to. I hope it’s not too hot for you and doggo to walk. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Just found your blog through the blog hop. So sorry for the loss of your husband. Quilting really helped me through the first couple of years. I made so many quilts, lol. Enjoy your memories!

  4. oh my word, that cat! Sometimes my husband says, “I’d get up and bring you a glass of wine but I have DOL (dog on lap)

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