Christmas in July (Then and Now) Blog Hop

So very much fun is going on in my sewing room! I’ve been sew excited to get into cutting up scraps of Christmas fabrics for this hop! One of my quilter life goals is to have a bed- sized Christmas quilt for every bed in the house. You see, we get the Christmas china out on the 1st of December and I’d love to give each bed in the house a holiday facelift at the same time!

So, of course I wanted to play along with Carol from Just let me quilt with the Christmas in July (then and now) blog hop. I adore Carol and love playing along!

I have lots of Christmas fabric and have to admit that cutting it all into little squares was daunting but….then…

Ever since I saw the Accuquilt electric demonstrated at a quilt show a couple years ago, I’ve been eyeing them up. But…the cost…sigh. Then Accuquilt had a sale… but the cost…sigh. I’ve been holding onto my birthday money from last August. But…the cost. Then, they had an even better sale and my oldest offered to pay the difference for this year’s birthday gift…..SOLD! And I have to tell you, it’s awesome! I cut hundreds of squares using the 2.5″ strip die and cut my flying geese units with the die included with the machine. Oh my goodness… what fun! All those odd bits and shapes left from other projects are now a box of bright and cheery 2.5″ squares. Or, a pile under the cat… depending on what I need at the moment. (And, ok, all my scraps is huge overstatement…I wonder how many hours it will take to tame the scrap pile?)

Gizmo bedding down on the squares.

I have a lot of “then” in my project! The red polar bear fabric is leftover from my daughter’s first trip to the nutcracker when she was four. The selvedge was marked 2003! The gingerbread men are at least a decade old! The “now” for me is my current favorite sashing option… lots of little scrappy squares. I only managed a quadrant of my piece but I love this idea of using squares as sashing. After using it with my Halloween quilt, I was excited to try it again!

I love how all those prints play together! And speaking of playing together, there’s a terrific lineup for this hop! To see what all the other bloggers are playing with, check out our line up! Thanks again, Carol!

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40 responses to “Christmas in July (Then and Now) Blog Hop

  1. Congratulations on the new toy and how successfully you have broken it in. The square borders are a great idea and will hold so many memories ( if and when you can get them away from the cat)

  2. What an amazing scrap quilt! I love the borders.

  3. Wow–those scrappy sashings are going to be I-spy fun for someone, and are going to spark a lot of memories, for sure. What a great idea. And they will make excellent leaders-and-enders, maybe even before you have an exact project in mind. Thanks for sharing.

  4. thatfabricfeelingcom

    What a fun quilt. I love how that came out.

  5. I really love the squares for the sashing. It certainly adds a lot of color and I do love that. What a pretty quilt.

  6. Hi Beth! So glad you finally got your AccuQuilt and that you are enjoying it. The electric version sounds like the way to go. Your Christmas quilt top is wonderful. I can imagine snuggling underneath it and enjoying each of the fabrics. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Cute! I love that you were able to use older fabric in a brand new project!

  8. I’m so glad you finally got your Accuquilt. It looks like your going to be putting it to good use for a very long time. There is just something about Christmas stars and scrappy quilts! LOVE it!

  9. I have a studio, while a little more work, I will say that cutting 2 1/2 inch squares is almost sinfully easy. Gizmo is pressing your squares and keeping them flat. Love your blocks they are going to be an awesome quilt and yay for using up stash!

  10. Christmas fabrics are so timeless and you’ve blended them nicely in this quilt. I love the bears! You’ll have so much fun with your Accuquilt and the flying geese die is one of my favorites. Thank you so much for sharing your “then and now” with us! (P.S. I adore you, too, and love when you play along.)

  11. Lovely scrap quilt. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Jennifer Weber

    Love this!

  13. What a fun potpourri of color in the sashing!

  14. The squares do make a pretty border! Enjoy playing with your new toy which must make cutting all those little bitty pieces SO much easier!

  15. I love this! I think I might just have to GO! a little crazy and cut all my saved Christmas prints up and do this with them 🙂

  16. Don’t you love that AccuQuilt cutter? Such a fun quilt.

  17. So many Christmas fabrics! Sew much fun! Love your scrappy squares border around those beautiful stars.

  18. Cynthia Woodham

    I always love star projects.

  19. Such pretty festive fabrics used in your quilt. Well done.

  20. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    I really love your scrappy sashings!! Great idea. Cute Christmas fabrics as well! I know it’s hard to cut up perfectly good fabric, isn’t it?!! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Using squares in the sashing is such a great idea! Wonder why I’ve never thought of that before?

  22. Holiday colors all go together so well. You’ve done a excellent job with the stars and of course, I love the patchy border. Congrats on the AccuCutter. New quilting things are such fun to have.

  23. Nothing is better than an early Christmas toy to play with! Cute quilt!

  24. Such a fun quilt! I actually have some of those same prints!

  25. so pretty. I can see all the beds in the house with a holiday quilt. Sweet.

  26. Rebecca Smith

    I have had the same thoughts about the accuquilt.

  27. Shirley Clark

    Congrats on your new machine! I was lucky enough to get the GO second hand, and it had never been used. It came with 15 dies and a case. I finally had time to use it the other day. I’m in love!

  28. A great project! I love using lots of little squares, too. I know that Accuquilt is going to be so helpful. What a great son you have!

  29. Beth that is going to be a sweet memory filled quilt! What a great goal to have quilts for bed faceless fits for the holidays!
    I love my Accuquilt cutter and try to add one or two dies to my collection every year! I just keep telling myself they are a necessity and so much fun! This year I added a sleigh and reindeer and snowflakes. Just waiting for them to arrive in the mail. 😉

  30. Carol Kussart

    Your quilt is going to be awesome. I like the squares for sashing–great way to use some of your scraps (I know how that scrap pile seems to grow even as you use out of it…). Thanks for sharing!

  31. I love all the colors too.

  32. The stars and squares are so cute. It looks very festive.

  33. Lovely scrap quilt!

  34. Terrific use for numerous pieces of Christmas fabric – well done!

  35. What fun! I’ve recently started getting my Christmas scraps organized to use for something. . .

  36. Sharon Vrooman

    Love this scrappy piece! Thank you for sharing.

  37. Such a fun and colorful scrappy Christmas quilt.

  38. So many fun Christmas fabrics, and who doesn’t like a star quilt?!

  39. They do play well together and make a wonderful quilt.

  40. Such a cute project. I love and adore scrap quilts. They always make me feel like I’m home. I’m so happy you got your accuquilt also. I’ve thought about them but for me, I still just can’t justify the cost not only of the machine but the dies. I’d hate to buy a die that didn’t get much use.

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