Teeny-Tiny Bits of Progress and Kitty Capers

So. weekends… what a concept! With the two job gig, it’s been six years since I had weekends so I’m really enjoying this “two days to do what you want” concept. Today I worked a bit more on the sewing room. Now, I’m totally not doing the stash and dash method of cleaning. I’m sorting, pitching, trimming scraps and making slow but steady progress. This room did not get this way overnight and it’s not going to get better overnight.

This, and one reusable grocery bag sorted and put away was my accomplishment today.

I don’t know if you can see it but this was piled HIGH with bits and pieces. It is in that very back corner by the book case on the right.

I also found a lovely remnant of Kona and cut a bunch of 1″ strips to make mask ties and ran them through the serger.

After which, I saw that my LQS had gotten in elastic which I promptly called and paid for (adding a couple of yards of batiks just because it’s good to show our quilt shops some love. )

I saw this little paw poking out from a chair as I was working on the room… I’m not even sure how he fit!

And now about the kitty krew last night…oh my goodness! It was like a comedy of errors.

When I went to bed I smelled poop…. and sure enough Mr. Jack (who tends to get cling-ons) had left an accidental gift on my pillow. Which necessitated the removal of the fuzzy robe which usually lays on my pillow which in turn usually holds the Gizmo who sleeps on my pillow. Well, tough beans, tonight Gizmo will have to make do with a flannel pillowcase.

Except a fresh pillowcase was apparently not up to Gizmo’s high standards and he could not be convinced to settle in to sleep. I even tried putting my own fuzzy robe on the pillow for him but no go.

I told him unequivocally that the laundry service in this hotel is closed at night and went to sleep. He apparently plotted his revenge for the laundry comment by walking me up several times pawing at the blankets. That’s his code for, “I’m cold, I need to get under the covers. ” But every time I lifted the covers, he walked away. In between rounds of this, Winnie decided to take out her frustrations on Jack for causing this uproar and depriving her of her favorite place to pad (the elbow of my robe with my arm in it) by pouncing on him while he was sleeping.

Milo and I were very much on team, “Can’t we all just go to sleep?” But we were outvoted by the drama-cat contingent. Eventually, I found myself wide awake at 5:45 but I got over it and managed to snooze until after 7. Which is quite the sleeping in experience for me! Needless to say, all bedding and robes are freshly laundered and I’m hoping tonight is a good bit quieter!

I hope you are well and safe and your bed- fellows are well- behaved!

3 responses to “Teeny-Tiny Bits of Progress and Kitty Capers

  1. I have 3 cats, I totally understand and read your blog out loud to my hubs while in bed surrounded by our trio. He laughed aloud knowing what you went through. We both have had cats all our life. People have told me I could write a book with my cat “tails” over the years. A Siamese makes the best stories. πŸ˜ΉπŸ’™πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

  2. Nice to get ties to masks pre-made and scraps being tidied is always an accomplishment. πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi Beth! You are doing a fabulous job. I am enjoying the heck out of reading about your organizing, and even more about the kitties. I am deathly allergic to both cats and dogs . . . but I love to hear about their antics. ~smile~ Roseanne

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