Making Us Laugh Blog Hop

Joan at Moosestash Quilting is hosting the Make Us Laugh Blog Hop. The goal was to make something to make us smile and, after much thought, it became apparent that my process and my helpers are about the funniest thing about my quilting.

So, I thought I’d share my “Quilt Tail” about my helpers.

The quilt I decided to finish for the hop was a string quilt designed to evoke, if not laughter, certainly smiles and a sense of being loved for a friend battling cancer. Simple string blocks and allover quilting. Piece of cake, right?

Sounds like it but let me tell you how it went.

Me: I have tonight off. I can baste this quilt.

Gizmo:  Let me help! 

Me: Ummmm…. that doesn’t actually help.

Gizmo: Purr, purr.

Me: Pets cat until bedtime when cat hops up and saunters to bed.

Me another night: Uses stealth skills and gets quilt basted with only minor adorable interruption.

Me: Tonight, I’ll get this quilted.

Milo: I’ll throw myself in front of the machine and protect the quilt from incessant needling!

Me: Milo, you’ll have to move.

Milo:  No move.

Me: Sigh.

Next attempt… distraction.

Daughter is convinced to hold cat…. about 5 minutes of quilting accomplished. However, daughter must work. Open window and sunshine…. nearly 30 minutes… hallelujah!

I’m convinced this is a solution until this happens.

Milo is back with Griffie for reinforcement.

Then Jack decides to join in. Notice he is laying on my hand!

Despite their “help,” I continue to quilt in fits and starts. Sometimes I can get the cat arranged just right… sometimes not.

And, finally, we’re done quilting, trimming and can see how it’s looking.

I believe it passed inspection! Tomorrow, we bind, wash and get in the mail.

So, my project isn’t funny but my helpers sure are! I hope you enjoyed them and I hope we made you smile. It’s a scary time, my friends but I hope you are safe and keeping your chin up. Virtual hugs…. cause that’s the safe kind!

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37 responses to “Making Us Laugh Blog Hop

  1. Great cat pics! I can’t figure out why they have to always be on the fabric we’re working on. Good job on the string quilt, they take a lot of time.

  2. Beautiful quilt Beth. Those fur babies sure do like to help and supervise. I was grinning from ear to ear imagining the sound effects! Thanks for the smiles and chuckle your post brought 😉 Carol

  3. Love those quilt inspectors. They are certainly giving it a close inspection.

  4. Lovely quilt, and you have a lot of feline assistance, not too sure how you accomplished the finish! They are too sweet.

  5. Your quilt is lovely and your helpers are adorable and funny! When I was a child we had a cat named Milo; thanks for making me think of him today!

  6. I laughed until I had tears in my eyes! I have four cats and definitely able to relate to this funny dialogue. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this uplifting article along with the hilarious pictures.
    Honestly, I think you should entertain the thought of writing a book for children. Even adults would enjoy this as most of us have pets. I know our 2 year old Cattle Dog makes me laugh at least once a day. Cheers

  7. I miss have cats after seeing these pics. They are so funny and entertaining! What a beautiful quilt, too! Thanks for the smiles.

  8. I actually smiled and laughed throughout your post! Oh, cats!! I can’t have them because hubby is allergic, so I enjoy the pics.

  9. Those helpers are quite something! Good luck on your finish.

  10. This post was the smile I needed today!

  11. Truly your helpers make for a fun day!!

  12. LOL!!!! Great post and one that many of us can relate to! I giggled my way through your post for sure. What a labor of love though. and that’s what quilting is all about. Your a rock star!

  13. Rosalind Gutierrez

    Hilarious helpers and they talk (haha)…great string quilt.

  14. Your helpers are cuties! I am fortunate that my helpers usually scram when the machine is turned on and only get underfoot when I am working at the cutting table. Thanks for sharing and giving me some belly laughs.

  15. Virtual hugs right back. Your quilt is lovely. Yes you made me smile with your kitty antics. Sounds soooo familiar. Take care.

  16. That definitely put a smile on my face! Have you tried giving them their own quilt to lay and knead? Otherwise, it looks like you’ll never get anything done

  17. Yes, you made me smile and laugh. I sure see one of my two kitties in those antics. No matter where she is, even fast asleep under the covers, she comes running as soon as I set foot in the sewing room. How??? 🙂

  18. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Great quilt and you definitely made me smile with your kitty tales!! I used to have one who would jump in my lap while I was at the computer and lay across my arms! They are adorable!!

  19. They really are a comedy troupe. But very cute. Thanks for the smiles and the HUG.

  20. I was laughing out loud as I scrolled through your “Cat Tail!” The antics of Milo, Griffie, and Jack remind me of my own trials with my dog Jack who only wants to sleep in my lap when I’m quilting. Your quilt is lovely and it will definitely brighten your friend’s day.

  21. You made me wish I had a cat… I was roaring with laughter and that picture of the cat laying right in front of the sewing machine just killed me, I was laughing so hard I started to cry… LOL Loved it Beth, great story, great cats, wonderful companions!!

  22. Hi Beth! Your post and especially your kitty stars did indeed make me smile. With all that help and especially the final inspection your friend will certainly feel all the love and good wishes stitched into this beautiful finish. Thanks for sharing it with us. Stay safe and healthy and enjoy those helpers. ~smile~ Roseanne

  23. Great post ! I love your kitties, they are adorable! I love the way you wrote about t them. Thank you for all the smiles today.

  24. Great quilt and adorable kitties!!!

  25. Awe fur babies are so precious.

  26. LOVE your furrbabies! Such good helpers!

  27. Your post definitely made me chuckle, and I can relate to having cats who try to help me as much as possible, especially when I hand-stitch binding! Take care, Mary.

  28. Sweet! Your helpers are so cute! I like your string quilt too! Thanks for sharing.

  29. thedarlingdogwood

    Your helpers did make me laugh! Though I think helpers may be a misnomer… 🙂

  30. Love your “helpers.” 🙂

  31. Your helpers are funny. Thanks for the smiles today.

  32. well the quilting passed the cat=scan at least

  33. I’m not sure how you get anything done, with all of the help and supervision in your studio. Looks like your “co-workers” want your full attention. ;o) Thanks for sharing!

  34. You sure have a lot of “snoopervisors” there, lol! The pic of the third cat looks so much like the cat I had years ago and she slept like that a lot!

  35. Your helpers are just as helpful my 3 cats. lol Love it!

  36. What helpers you have, lol! Your quilt is looking fabulous and I hope it brings a lot of cheer to your friend.

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