Project Quilting 11.2

Whew! I had a moment of panic this morning thinking I’d missed the deadline! But I’m in under the wire. Again.

So the theme this week was Team Colors and I was drawing a blank. I don’t really follow sports. My husband was a big sports fan and I wasn’t really ready to do anything sports related. But both of my girls had red and white as their school colors.

So, I mulled and I planned and discarded plans and made new plans until, finally, on Friday, I had an idea. I dumped over a bag of scraps and grabbed the red ones.

Then I sewed the strips and scraps together and cut them into 2″ strips.

Then I grabbed a random white square and started executing my labyrinth- inspired quilt.

After I had grown my square to the size I wanted, I quilted it in free motion lines similar to the piecing.

I have a lot of small quilts around so I decided this one should be a pillow. I added a zippered back and, voila! One team-color-inspired pillow which will fit nicely in my sister’s red and white living room!

My Scrap Labrynth measured 19×19″ before it became a pillow. I have to admit I kinda love this idea and would like to try it in a bigger size.

In other household news, the “imaginary ” cat went to the vet (she’s OK, thanks) but I used the occasion to get a photo. She was NOT amused

And the Puma aka Bart (the recent addition that came with my older daughter moving home to help me out) was caught in this rare peaceful moment with Milo.

And, speaking of caught, here’s how it looks when a moose hangs out under the coffee table.

Not a lot of clearance for our chunky boy!

I’m out to the borders on quilting a project I hope to finish this week. (We’re won’t talk about how I hoped to finish it last week.) My class resumes on Tuesday and I can’t wait to see everyone’s progress!

Happy quilting!


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6 responses to “Project Quilting 11.2

  1. Beth that is beautiful. I love scrappy red goodness done up as a pillow. 😁 Carol

  2. Love scrappy

  3. That is really beautiful! I struggle with scrappiness, but you nailed it. Oh my goodness…a moose under the table! LOL

  4. Love the pillow! You did a great job as usual.

  5. Hi Beth! What a fun idea, and the pillow turned out just perfectly. I really enjoyed all the photos of the kitties and your pup underneath the coffee table. He looks perfectly content under there, keeping an eye on things. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Gorgeous piece! The pillow was a great plan for this!

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