Hippo Bird Dogs Two….Me!

One of my all- time favorite birthday cards was one from Sandra Boynton that uses hippo bird dogs two ewe as the refrain for happy birthday. (You can see it here. https://www.sandraboynton.com/sboynton/hippobirdiecards.html

Anyway, yesterday was the most lovely birthday! It was our big welcome back event for our ESD so I was able to see many of the coworkers I only talk to by phone most of the school year.

My “partner in crime” and long-time friend brought me fabric for my birthday (in a crazy cat lady bag… she knows me well) and my sweet daughter surprised me with flowers and balloons in a Google training class.

We couldn’t all go to dinner last night so we’re going tonight instead so my darling husband made us chicken wings and we started catching up on our Marvel movies. We’ve watched a few here and there but missed many of them. Last night, we watched Thor which was good fun!

Today, my oldest is coming over to quilt so this is all adding up to a lovely birthday week!

On the quilting front, we’ve had another quilt finish the quilting stage and it’s ready to bind.

Isn’t it wonderful? I really need to make one of these myself!

We’ve also started on the wonky stats.

Look at these beautiful things…

Sew much fun! In addition, Sarah started machine quilting her sample from when she was 11. There’s hope for every UFO!

Happy quilting!


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