Quilting 101 – Catching Up

These little Tuesday classes I’ve been teaching have been sew much fun!  And my friends are catching on so quickly!  Nearly everyone has the center of their quilt done.  Jennifer has borders and already pieced piano keys!


Kathie opted not to use random scraps but cut a whole bunch of her favorite Halloween fabrics to make her adorable quilt!  Quilts are going to be any size from baby to large throw by the time we’re done.  There’s plenty of “cat scanning” going on and supervision by furry friends just makes it more fun, right?

There something so fun about watching these quilts grow!

On the other side of life, we suffered a loss in our furbaby family.  Last Friday, our Zoe made it clear that she was in pain and, on Saturday morning, we escorted her to the base of the rainbow bridge.  She crossed over to our voices telling her how much she was loved, our hands petting her fur and our tears blurring our vision.  She was a one-of-a-kind girl who ruled the house here and I am somewhat adrift without her.  Her littermate, Griff, seems to miss her, too, although they could be a bit snippy with one another.   The pair of them are 16 this year and I’ve been saying that they’ve been bugging me about getting their driver’s licenses!  I miss our sweet girl but I’m grateful she had a peaceful goodbye.

We’ve also gotten a new roof this week (now that puts a hole in the budget!)  No more toys for this girl for a while!  In addition, we found out that there was frame damage to Hank (my husband’s truck) when he was rear-ended and Hank is going to be totaled.  Which means we also need to find a new truck.  Thankfully, we have enough cars to be able to wait a bit for the right one to come along.  On the plus side of all these unexpected expenses…I have enough fabric to see me through!

And, speaking of fabric, I made a quick run to quilt guild to drop off my membership (and peruse the free table) and was able to put a face to the wonderful Sally over at The Objects of Design.  If you aren’t reading her blog…you should.  She’s quite talented and has a terrific way with words.  (She’s a cat person which is always a win in my book.)

Well, it’s off to bed with me.  We are in the final week of school with students’ last day being tomorrow.  It’s all a bit frantic and there is  so much to do that I entitled my to-do list “D Day.”  It may not be as complex as planning the invasion of Normandy…but it feels like it!

Happy quilting!




2 responses to “Quilting 101 – Catching Up

  1. Hi Beth! Ahh, the last day of school. It is our last day too and it is so electric. Everyone is so excited and ready to get out of the door at 2:25 for the summer. I love the scream when the bell rings for the last time! I work year-round so it doesn’t really impact me other than I miss everyone all summer. I love all the different quilts your friends are making. They are doing a fabulous job. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Beth, So sorry for the loss of your kitty companion. I lost my old girl also this week. Maybe they are together in Kitty heaven, where all the bushes are catnip.

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