Project Quilting Challenge 1

I love Project Quilting because it gives me a chance to stretch myself and forces me to prioritize some quilting time.

The theme was Hope Springs Eternal. I’m still focusing on using my scraps…optimistic as ever that I could make a dent. Some of the bits in this quilt came from the bag I’m trying to use up first.


And some came from my Bonnie Hunter scrap user system.  I tried to use a wash of color to   represent how hope pushes back darkness.

20190110_231825I was thinking of a pillow this time but my star decided (at 11 PM last night) that it really needed a small,  scrappy pieced border.   And then my sewing machine decided that it was going to have a tension issue.   So I plan B’d my way to a finish just before the deadline….because hope springs eternal!  And hers’s my barely finished in time quilt!

Linking this up to Persimmon Dreams!

4 responses to “Project Quilting Challenge 1

  1. This is beautiful! I enjoyed your story – where there’s a will, there’s a way! I”m so glad you finished! Good luck in the challenge!

  2. I like the scrappy border! I’m getting close to finishing up my first BOM from last year and am planning a scrappy border for it – and see yours totally confirms it. I also like the way you quilted it!

  3. it’s beautiful! I’m glad you listed to the star!

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