Elephant Nibbles

I have scraps… lots of scraps… my own scraps, scraps I’ve acquired… lots of scraps. And I love my scraps! I love using them and seeing blocks emerge from the bits some might throw out. But this year I want to make a concentrated effort to utilize more of my scraps. So, I’m starting with this bag.

Griff is in the first one for scale.

I started last night on more string blocks.

I’m working with 9.5″ unfinished blocks so 100 of them will make a good-sized queen quilt. I was thinking 6×6 for a donor quilt. The smaller left over bits are going into crumb blocks. So far, the bag looks just as full…I wonder how many blocks until it shows any improvement? I’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime, there’s a fun project over at Just Wanna Quilt. We’re making 6.5″ (unfinished) blocks to make a quilt of blocks in common use (public domain.) I started the ball rolling with this block

We’re looking for blocks in the Just Wanna Quilt logo colors. We’d love to have as many people send a quilt block as possible. Hop over to Just Wanna Quilt and check it out. The podcasts are so much fun to listen to!

There’s everyone from famous quilters to regular quilters like me. 🙂

It’s nearly time for bed so I’m going to practice my daily stitching goal with a little hand applique before bed.

Happy quilting!

One response to “Elephant Nibbles

  1. You inspire me! I do have to get some of my scraps used in creative ways!! Starting next week. This week is all filled up!

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