2019 Quilting Goals

Ah…New Year, new goals…or are they just the same goals over again? Either way, here are my goals…

1. Stash control… fold it, cut it, use it up… whatever…. just get it better organized!

2. UFO’s…. need I say more? Mine are in the triple- digit category and some of them need to come to light as finishes.

3. Yoga….I know it’s not strictly quilt related but more energy equals more quilts (and, besides, these are MY goals. )

4. Quality time… yep, I’m not using my time as wisely as I should. I want to spend a few minutes each day doing what I love even if that’s a hexie on my break at the second job or a quick 4- patch before bed.

5. Dare I even say this… I’m considering a “fabric and new project diet” this year. Except, of course, tea fabric and anything strictly necessary to finish a project. Oh, and I get to start new things for Project Quilting. So, I guess I’m going on a kinda-sorta diet maybe a little. Possibly. (I’ll keep you posted. )

6. Sewing room renovation. I’ve come a long way but it’s time to finish. There may even be a coat of paint on the horizon.

So, those are my goals….I feel a touch tired just thinking of them. I know, however, that 2019 has lots of potential to be a red- letter year!

Linking up to the #2019planningparty at Quilting Jet Girl.

What’s on your list for next year?

5 responses to “2019 Quilting Goals

  1. I just wanna have fun! 🙂

  2. We share some similar goals for 2019. I was previously on a fabric diet, and it went pretty well til 2018. I splurged on several purchases, including one just yesterday. And I plan to make at least one more before the year ends. (lol) My sister also gifted me a lot of fabric from her stash in 2018, which I don’t think put a dent in hers yet filled my fabric closet. . So needless to say 2019 will be a fabric diet, except for gotta haves to finish projects. And finishing is a huge goal for me, as I have numerous projects in my head, in files waiting to be done, books with post -its marking more want to makes, and UFOs patiently waiting for a finish. Wish you good luck with your goals. Happy New Year!

  3. I personally think that having goals like yoga on the list makes a lot of sense. I hope that by writing down the goals you feel ready for 2019 and that it is full of quilting joy for you. Thank you for sharing and liking up with the planning party!

  4. A very sensible set of goals. I strive for 15 minutes of stitching time a day, it does help move projects along (and maintains my sanity most days). Wishing you lots of progress on all fronts in 2019.

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