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It’s been one of the hops I look forward to ever year…the Halloween Hop from Marian at Seams to be Sew.  I don’t know if people realize how much work goes into putting on a hop but Marian is the soul of graciousness and so fun!  And, of course, special thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop and Timeless Treasures for their generous sponsorship.  So, my Halloween quilt….about four years ago, I won a fun basket of Halloween fabrics at the door prize drawing at my quilt guild.


And, of course, with all the fun, spooky fabric…I needed to make a quilt!  Perfect for the Halloween hop, right?  Let’s just start with cutting everything into 2″ strips and start there.

I had been working on a combination of stars and squares and thought I’d just whip this up for Halloween.  Well, I realized I would miss the deadline so I decided to make an alternate Halloween piece.  The next year, I was sure I’d get finished but, well…not so much.

Last year, I put year 2 together with my progress and this year…it’s a flimsy!!!


The eyes are a paper-pieced pattern from Soma at Whims & Fancies.  The words are free-pieced a la Tonya from Word Play Quilts (a great book if you can find it.) Kudos to my inventive hubby who figured out how to photograph this while he was home alone…inventive use of binder clips for the win! (It was too sunny when I left for work and would be dark when I got home today.)   Now, I have to admit that I didn’t have a lot of Halloween fabrics when I started this but quite the collection has crept into my stash as I worked my way through the basket.  I’m thinking that there is another Halloween quilt in my future.  (I’m thinking start now for next year…or the year after…lol!)

Now, there’s a fun giveaway going on…a wonderful bundle from the Fat Quarter Shop.

Fat Quartershop

You can click here to enter.

And, there’s more!  There’s an awesome fabric bundle from Timeless Treasures is up for grabs here.  And, on top of that, there’s a free pattern at Seams to be Sew each day of the hop!  Sew much fun!


Monday, October 22, 2018

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Words & Stitches
Melva Loves Scraps | Seams To Be Sew

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Songbird Designs | Quilt Doodle Doodles
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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

MooseStashQuilting | Hand Stitched Treasure
DesertSky Quilting | Adventurous Applique and Quilting
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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Just Because Quilts | Elizabeth Coughlin Designs
Patchwork Breeze | Life in the Scrapatch
Seams To Be Sew

Friday, October 26, 2018

Kathys Kwilts and More | Quilted Delights
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Thanks so much for hopping by and stay tuned…there is much fun coming up!

Happy quilting!








101 responses to “Peek A Who Blog Hop

  1. I really laughed about the fabrics creeping into your collection. I know *exactly* how that happens. LOL This is a great quilt, and really big. I look forward to seeing what you do with the scraps and other fabrics NEXT year, too!

  2. Wow – that looks like a lot of work went into your quilt! It’s beautiful!

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  4. I love the look of all those tiny scraps on your quilt. Good job.

  5. I love that basket of Halloween fabrics !!!

  6. Thank you for sharing your quilt and good luck with the one for next year…..or the next. LOL

  7. Wow, what a cool Halloween quilt! I love quilts where there are lots of interesting fabrics to discover, and I find Halloween prints to be so cute.

  8. I love your quilt! It just sparkles!

  9. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    I love your cool quilt, Beth! I think the cats do too! LOL

  10. Great looking top! Nice and colorful.

  11. Wow what an amazing quilt! That’s a great way to use all those fun fabrics.

  12. Love the eyes on your quilt! They are so spooky!

  13. Hi Beth! That Halloween quilt is definitely a labor of love. Now that it’s a flimsy, you can work it into your quilting rotation and have it done in no time. I had to giggle when you said there is another Halloween quilt in your future in a year or two. {{Hugs}} Great job! ~smile~ Roseanne

  14. What a great scrap buster quilt!

  15. I will need to try the binder clip trick! Nice job on your Halloween quilt. I have one that I’m going to make for next year (and have been saying that for too many years now).

  16. Yay for a finish, and it is fabulous! Love all the Halloween fabrics, and a huge kudos to hubby for inventiveness.

  17. Love your Halloween quilt! It’s always great to win fabric, but, of course, we have to purchase more!

  18. Linda Williamson

    This is fantastic. I love Halloween quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I absolutely love your quilt! Your husband definitely does deserve Kudos!

  20. Rosalind Gutierrez

    Halloween quilts are fun to create like your Boo quilt.

  21. Great quilt! Love the cat eyes. Your husband did a great job photographing your quilt.

  22. Carolyn Montgomery

    your quilt is gorgeous, wish i could see all the fabrics close up.

  23. Margaret Handlin

    Such a cute basket of Halloween fabrics that you won. Just adorable!

  24. Love the quilt!

  25. Quilting Tangent

    Pretty quilt! Cute Halloween basket you won.

  26. I love your scrappy Halloween quilt. My sewing room has been overtaken with Halloween fabrics too??? I don’t have hardly any Christmas…Halloween rules this roost! HAHAHA

  27. Love your quilt and thanks for your hard work on the blog hop

  28. I don’t have any Halloween fabrics, perhaps I should start collecting now for next year

  29. I didn’t have a lot of Halloween fabric…until I started with one LOVE IT fabric…and then the pile starts…the ideas follow!

  30. oh my goodness, all those wonderful tiny squares. This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing. quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  31. That’s a fun quilt you made. I really like the scrappy-ness of it. Thanks for sharing!

  32. Spooktacular Halloween quilts.

  33. Congrats on a UFO finish; always a good thing, right? Love those big, googley eyes.

  34. Love your quilt. Especially love the border print!

  35. That basket is a real treat and the fabrics are a great bonus. Your quilt turned out really well. I hope to see at least one more in next year’s hop. 🙂 Halloween quilts can be addicting, just like the candy.

    And kudos to hubby for getting the photo done for you.

  36. What a great way to use up scraps!

  37. Such a fun quilt! Thank you for sharing it.

  38. Anita L Jackson

    Great job on the Halloween quilt!

  39. WOW! That a really big quilt and I love the words you used.

  40. It’s wonderful and so much work. Those little squares are time consuming both to cut and to piece and the Halloween colors are perfect. I really liked the green guy sitting on your table, such personality.

  41. What a great Halloween quilt!

  42. The quilt is amazing! I use those binder clips a whole lot – being a retired teacher!

  43. The quilt is great. The center block with the eyes is amazing!

  44. Even though your Halloween quilt took some time to get to this stage, it sure turned out cute! The eye and Boo center block is perfect!!! I like how you keep things real. We are all just quilters with lots of ideas, fabric, and limited time to put the two together.

  45. I need to make a Halloween quilt. Thanks for the inspiration!

  46. That is a cute basket of Halloween fabrics. Love your Halloween quilt. Thank you for sharing in the hop … 🙂 Pat

  47. Sometimes it takes a while for a beauty to be birthed!! Love your quilt!!

  48. Nice quilt! I like the monster basket your fabrics came in. Thanks for sharing!

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  50. Loving those cat eyes right in the centre!

  51. I like your quilt, I have yet to make a Halloween quilt. The basket your fabrics came in is adorable.

  52. Those purples really enrich your scrappy background!

  53. Cute quilt!

  54. Nice quilt! Thank Frankenstein basket full of fabric is adorable! So many projects… so little time! Or is that Sew many projects… sew little time???? lol.

  55. If this quilt doesn’t SCREAM of Halloween, nothing will. It is wonderful. Thanks for showing us.

  56. It is a great time to decorate – and a nice quilt would look great on my bench.

  57. Love those eyes. Just make the quilt

  58. That is an amazing looking quilt…love Soma’s paper pieced eyes! That basket is too cute.

  59. What a fun quilt.

  60. That is an amazing scrappy quilt.

  61. Elizabeth Balcom

    Really fun Basket and great quilt. Thanks for Sharing
    Elizabeth, Silverdale, WA

  62. Your quilt is adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  63. Some of the best quilts need to “brew” a little longer… 😉 yours is wonderful.

  64. Wow nice job…ty for showing us your talents. .great way to use up halloween scraps….

  65. What a wonderful Halloween quilt! Beautiful work!

  66. Lorene Holbrook

    Love your quilt AND frank!

  67. Wowie!! what a Grrrreat quilt!! Awesome!!

  68. Maryellen McAuliffe

    That’s a great quilt. Love the letters and eyes, and just the mix of scraps and blocks. I hope you get to finish it soon.

  69. What a great scrap buster quilt. Thank you

  70. What a great quilt! And I agree–I love the book, Word Play Quilts.

  71. What a great memory quilt. You can look at a particular fabric and you will have hopefully good memories of that day. Have you see what they want for the ‘Word Play’ book? I had an out of my mind experience looking at Amazon prices. Is the book really that good. I would love to have a good close look at your quilt while picking at you brain on how you made it. Thanks for sharing.

    • You can get the ebook from Martingale for less than $15 and it’s definitely worth it. It’s also one of the books that works great as an ebook. I’m thinking of a tutorial for the quilt, if there’s interest. Thanks!

  72. I love that little guy sitting on the edge of the table! Thanks!

  73. That cute little monster box is adorable.

  74. Do you hang quilts out for Halloween? I love it!

  75. Beautiful quilt. Thank you.

  76. Very pretty thanks for sharing and the great giveaway

  77. Sew cute! Love the scrappy, spooky quilt!

  78. Frankie is so cute! Your scrappy is wonderful!

  79. Thank you for the pattern link! Love your scrappy quilt!!

  80. Those eyes! Thanks for giving us the pattern link.

  81. I love your website. The patterns are great.

  82. Just found this hop–Halloween is a good decorating holiday!

  83. I love your quilt. Thanks for sharing

  84. Like your Halloween quilt

  85. Cute quilt, thanks for sharing

  86. Thank you for the fun and spooky hop! Love the patterns.

  87. Love the quilt.

  88. Beautiful quilt!

  89. Wow….that looks fantastic.

  90. Your quilt makes me smile!

  91. Sabrina van-Ginkel

    I love the Halloween stuff!

  92. Lynette Caulkins

    Very fun Halloween quilt top – and what a cool basket to have won!

  93. This is fantastic, I love Halloween quilts. Thanks for sharing!

  94. That was a great basket of fabrics to win. The Frankie basket is a cutie bonus. Loved the quilt you made. I love scrappy quilts. I not so good with them. I’m to orderly, ruins the random, lol

  95. Heya Beth, ty for coming in at the last minute and participating in the hop. That’s an AWESOME quilt, and I’m loving that Frankie bag to… Ever want to give it away you know where to send it… I’m putting in my dibbs for it. 🙂 … Thanks so much for participating today and my sincerest apologies for not getting around to the blogs sooner this week. It’s really been I think my busiest week of the year thus far.

  96. Those scraps are fantastic! Love the eyes in the middle. Great projects!

  97. Great job on the Halloween quilt! I love the eyes too!

  98. Outstanding Halloween quilt! Love the scrappy blocks.

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