Reunion Weekend

Such a fun, busy long weekend. First my youngest turned 19

I’m still not sure where the time went!

Then we got up at a ridiculous hour and flew to Oakland. We made a trip to San Francisco for lunch before heading to Phil’s hometown of Folsom.

Had lunch at House of Nanking which offers awesome gluten free options.

Saw turkeys wandering the neighborhood!

Great breakfasts on Sutter Street!

A serendipitous car show!

I love this picture of my guy!

Class if 1968!

Wonderful friends…. these guys have been friends for decades!

Met this cute mustached kitty during a visit in a lovely garden.

Family picture with the brothers and two nephews and the adorable grand niece held by Nancy (my sister-in-law and fellow crafter!)

And, of course, no travel is complete without a quilt shop stop! This sweet guy didn’t even try to bar the door….

We came back on Monday and I went right into work mode. But I have today off and it just happens to be the day of the quilters yard sale at Pioneer Quilts.

I got so much fun stuff! This post is so long, I think I’ll put my treasures in the next post.

Happy quilting!

One response to “Reunion Weekend

  1. Enjoyed your little travelogue! Made me think to tell you that my husband always tells me, “They called and said they are ‘closed for inventory.’” Then he helps me find the quilt shop and waits for me to shop! Such a blessing to have great husbands, isn’t it!

    Linda in Colorado Springs, CO


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