Christmas in July Starts Today!

Today kicks off the Christmas in July blog hop!  My day is tomorrow and (gasp!) my project is all ready to show!

Here’s the complete schedule…

July 23 – TODAY
July 24
July 25
July 26
July 27


If I can make it work, tomorrow I’ll also take you on a little trip to one of my favorite places!

Happy quilting!


6 responses to “Christmas in July Starts Today!

  1. Cute little Christmas mats, love the cat too, they are always so helpful. Mine likes to sleep fully stretched out on my ironing board 🐾

  2. I like your improv sewing for the ornament and tree-also great mug rug idea or make them bigger and put on a runner!

  3. Hi Beth I love you pot holders and your cat is adorable and so good at holding fabric down.

  4. First I have to say I love your cat and am glad you include him/her. I like that you have crumbs, my DH keeps trying to throw mine out. These two pot holders are very colorful and they are amazing. Something I will try to make. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Your little helper just cracked me up! I loved your mug rugs, they are adorable!

  6. I just love your cat! Thank you for some wonderful ideas!

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