Christmas in July!

OK, I love, love, love Christmas but ever since I started the second job in the candy store (on top of the full time job) I’m having more trouble getting everything I want to do done.  So, July is really the time for me to start!  But, even in the slow season, I’m working a whole lot so I needed a quick gift that I could craft in a small amount of time.  I’m also really big into practical gifts these days.  I mean, why not craft something that can be used and loved?  So, of course I jumped  in when Carol at Just Let Me Quilt offered a reason to push my Christmas crafts to the top of the to-do list!  I really, really appreciate everything that our blog hop coordinators due.  These blog hops often give me a chance to push being creative to the top of my otherwise too full to do list!

Now, I’m am a keeper of scraps.  If you can still sew a 1/4″ seam and have something left…I keep it (much to the dismay of Kathie and Jennifer who are helping me reorganize my space.)  So, I went diving in my “crumb bag” and came up with these…


A handful of little red scraps

Which I crumb pieced together and trimmed to 4.5″ square.  I added 1.5″ background squares and stitched on the diagonal.  (If you don’t know crumb piecing, google Bonnie Hunter crumb piecing.)


Then I stitched a 1.5×2″ rectangle to two 1.5″ squares to make a top for my ornament…ah ha…see, it is a Christmas something!


Add some 1.5″ strips for background and…


Add one layer of batting and back with the leftover pieces from recovering my ironing board…and quilt as desired (I did organic wavy lines a la Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts.)


I roll up my leftover bits of binding and keep them for small projects like this (and occasionally for larger projects with scrappy bindings.)

Now, just one potholder does not a gift make…so, I did a second one with my green crumbs…

I used my tri-recs ruler to cut this 5.5″ tree, added a small trunk and used the same backing and binding….


And there they are!  One quick set of potholders that would be great tucked into a little gift bag with one of those “cookies in a jar” sets or some favorite cooking gadgets.  Or, you could spend a bit more time and make a matching apron.  I’m thinking I’d love to make some reusable gift bags for the holidays and I could see using these as a block for the front of a bag.  Now, my sewing helper had a totally different idea of how these work…


I guess they are really flat kitty pillows!  Mr. Milo has been helping me a lot today


He’s really good at holding fabric down!

There’s a great group of quilters to see today and I was hoping to share a super cute movie that my google photos generated with my pictures from the Sister’s Quilt Show but it doesn’t seem to be working.  I’ll try to get it going on my instagram and add a link if I do.  Thanks for dropping in and enjoy your day!


29 responses to “Christmas in July!

  1. Fantastic projects. My crew would think they are cat pillows too. Made especially for them as they try to claim everything.

  2. I love your potholders! The cat we had when I was a kid was named Milo too!

  3. Very neat way to use those scraps up!

  4. My cat get stressed if I don’t do enough sewing. I have to sew to keep him calm. In return he tests and approves all my work, much like your Mr Milo. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your great quick projects.

  5. Great idea for scraps — I’ll have to give those a try!

  6. These are sooo cute! I love the idea of using my very small scraps.(I save every little piece too.) Thank you for sharing.

  7. Cute and quick, great Christmas projects and gifts!

  8. The potholders are so cute…you are a master at using scraps. I’ve never saved binding – where’s another box for storage!!! They would make great mug rugs and you could put them in a mug for a quick gift.

  9. Adorable potholders from small scraps – great job! Thanks for hopping.

  10. Your potholders are so cute and that cat is just adorable! I love this idea for using scraps and will definitely be checking out how to use “crumbs.” Thanks for sharing this gift idea and playing along!

  11. I love using my hand made pot holders. Great use of scraps! The ornament is adorable!

  12. What a great idea. Will surely knock off your idea before the week is out. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I’ve done similar trees but never the ornament, ya hoo.

  13. Fast, fun and easy plus being cute and useful, too — my kind of quilting! Great idea for a quickie gift! I especially liked your wavy quilting. I love receiving potholders as gifts and if a jar of cookies are attached, all the better!

  14. Great projects to use some scraps.

  15. wonderful way to use scraps. mr milo is sweet

  16. thatfabricfeelingcom

    Lovely use of crumb quilting that becomes a cute gift. I especially love your helper.

  17. Hi Beth! Mr. Milo is a very handsome helper! I can see where his type of helping can come in handy. And what cute pot holders!! I love the ornament – I wondered where it was going, and just adore the scrappiness of it. I would be thrilled to open that package! Happy Tuesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  18. I love your potholders. These will be such cute hostess gifts for the holiday season!

  19. Now those are just too darn cute! Milo has excellent taste!

  20. Those are both really cute. I have made trees before but I will have to try the ornament.

  21. sweet blocks turned into Christmas gifties and all of it hiding in your scrap bag!

  22. Those are super cute and a great use of the little bits!

  23. Those are really cute, and I like the idea for both patterns. Flat cat pillows – cracked me up!

  24. Kathleen Holm

    Love the kitty. Cute idea!

  25. Cute ideas! I, too, keep the crumbs. It makes quilting life interesting! Thanks for sharing.

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  27. Barbara Neiwert

    Watch out – your kitty is stealing the show! I love your use of scraps to create some beautiful, useful things. Perfect!

  28. So cute! I have loads of “crumbs” too, so I may have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing. :o)

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