Wish Upon a Star…Sawtooth Edition!


It’s here and, if you read my last post, life’s been, well…a tad more lively lately.  The good news is that I’m out of the brace (unless I’m lifting something I shouldn’t) and the arm is healing nicely. The car, my daughter’s, is still in the shop but they’ve promised to text updates.

So, stars…I love stars!  My favorite all time star block happens to be the “poster child” for this hop…the Sawtooth Star!  I love it for a variety of reasons…

  1. It’s much more simple than it looks
  2. It’s fast
  3. It’s awesome for showing off conversation prints
  4. It’s awesome for adding contrast
  5. You can fill that center with other piecing
  6. It works up great in a variety of sizes.

You’re getting the point, right? In fact, I’ve shown this star a time or two on the blog


The math (gasp, yes, I said the M word!) is very simple.  The center is twice the size of the ends.  So, if your center is a 6.5″ square, your geese are 3.5 x 6.5 unfinished.  If you want to go small a 3.5″ center will have 2×3.5″ unfinished geese.  Corner squares are the width of the geese.  Make your geese with any method you like…my favorite is to cut my strips the same width of the corner blocks and use a triangle ruler.  There’s tutorial for the 12″ block on the tutorials tab on this blog but it calls for 7/8″ measurements which I don’t use anymore.  I’ll try to get that updated soon!

So, here’s my latest Sawtooth project.  I was hoping to get it fully quilted but it’s still only 1/2-done.  I hope you’ll like it anyway.


When I was looking at the tutorial, I realized these are the same blocks I was working on then…they’re more than a little dusty and well cat-haired.  With the three-day weekend ahead, I’m hoping to finish quilting this one and have a new top to show!

Thank you to Carol at Just Let Me Quilt for putting this all together!

Please stop and see my other friends…they are all “stars” to me!

May 25
Happy quilting!




31 responses to “Wish Upon a Star…Sawtooth Edition!

  1. All of your stars are fabulous. You DO like stars. I like all of the scrappy goodness in the various quilts. Well done.

  2. That’s a whole bunch of cool quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I did the saw tooth on my blog as well. Glad you are healing.

  4. All the stars are well, STARS themselves. I love the Sawtooth Star. I amazed you can do anything with the brace. Praises for the healing of the arm. Thanks for sharing the stars – they are each an inspiration. Please share the current quilt when you complete it – no hurry.

  5. Some very interesting pieces…great job!

  6. A great boy quilt, so colorful and fun.

  7. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful star quilts, as well as the math used to create the stars!

  8. This is a fun and colourful quilt. I love the stars.

  9. Cindy Pieters

    Scrappy stars galore and they all look amazing.

  10. I very rarely know what a block is actually called so thank you, Beth, for tell me this is a Sawtooth. Looking at all your quilts left me with stars in my eyes…they were all so beautiful! Your newest one looks like it would be a hit for any car-loving enthusiast. Love the colors! My quilt projects never have cat hair on them, but little black dog hairs pop up here and there. The joys of being a quilter and a pet owner! Thank you for joining in the star fun and sharing so many lovely projects. You rock my world! :O)

  11. Your Sawtooth stars are lovely!

  12. Hope your weekend proves helpful to finishing up the quilt. The top is wonderful and I was glad to learn about the “math” and the construction of the sawtooth. Thanks.

  13. Love all your stars! The one with the cars is really great for a boy. Don’t see too many boy quilts. So glad you joined the hop.

  14. Hi Beth! I really like the sawtooth star too. So many ways to “jazz it up” by changing the block’s center. Thanks for sharing!

  15. What a nice collection of stars.

  16. all your quilts are wonderful. I love the one with the cars, so perfect for a young man.

  17. Like your stars. The quilt will be gorgeous when it is done.

  18. I see lots of gorgeous stars. Love the one you are working on.

  19. Your stars make me “sew” happy. I love seeing them all together! Had to laugh at the “girls” with the Alexander Henry fabric, I made pillow cases for my boys with that fabric. I LOVE the Halloween Star Quilt!

  20. I’ve always like that pattern because of the many choices for the square. You have some fabulous quilts!

  21. I think you like stars as much as I do

  22. Glad you are doing better, that is quite a few stars. Some little boy will like that last on when finished.

  23. Lots of colour in all those stars, looks great.

  24. This is my favorite star too. It is so forgiving. Love all of your past and your present quilt.

  25. Glad you are getting better. I enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful star quilts.

  26. annalutzbrown

    Very nice there are so many diffrent ways to make this star I guess that’s hy there so much fun… happyness04431@yahoo.com

  27. I like them for all the same reasons. I’ve made so many that I can do them mindlessly for leader enders – just get the flying geese points going the right way. LOL Thanks for sharing all your beautiful examples, including the one for the hop. The swirly quilting is just perfect on the block, and I like that car fabric.

  28. A beautiful Sawtooth Star quilt, thanks for sharing!

  29. Yay! for getting better & for sharing All your Stars! Gorgeous work! Thank you for sharing the Math info too! 🙂

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  31. Yes, you do love stars! Fun to see all of your ‘star’ works!

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