Project Quilting Scraptastic

Oh how I love scraps and I was so excited when this theme was announced. Less so when I realized that my work and travel schedule this week left me with about one hour to sew. I thought about a scrap vortex pillow but ended up going even smaller with a scrap vortex pin cushion. I’ve been making vortex blocks and string blocks and there are often “too big to toss” pieces on the end of my string blocks. Like these

So I started playing with putting them together

These two work! Just keep adding…

Get a little help…

Quilt a tiny spiral…

Grab a piece of batting left over and a piece off the ironing board for the back and you have a 4″ scrap vortex pin cushion.

Then, pack you bags, get on a plane and start spring break with some old friends…

Have a wonderful spring break! I’m so grateful to everyone who made Project Quilting happen… I’ve enjoyed every stitch!


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