Project Quilting – A Stitch in Time

OK…full disclosure here, I could not make the theme of this week “A Stitch in Time…” fit my personal time restrictions.  I worked a 28 hour week at my part-time job and it’s been hectic as all get-out at the full-time job.  I had a hard time with the whole time thing…time and I are having a tough time working out our relationship at the moment!  However, I did make….drumroll, please… a coaster!  In this case, it’s “A stitch in time saves my furniture.”  In further keeping with the saving part, the bits are left over from my Small, Smaller, Smallest project.  So, my little stitch in time also saves a few bits that might have languished in the scrap heap.  I usually bind these with fabric rolled from the back but this time I tried the pillow method (with mixed results…there’s a significant bow to the bottom.)



So, that’s mine for the week.  I challenged myself to do all the challenges this year and while I’m not exactly thrilled with this week’s offering, at least I can say I did something and, for me, that’s the whole point of the exercise.

Happy quilting!


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