OMG Quilt Con!

So, I planned a trip to California for my mom’s 86th birthday. Then, I got a text from my niece with a link to the Quilt Con site and the question, “Are you going to this while you’re here?”  Gasp!  I had no idea they were the same weekend!  So, on Friday (a free day in our schedule)  Mom and I drove up to Pasadena and hit Quilt Con!  Now, we only hit the vendor mall and some of the display areas but it was so much fun!  I wasn’t sure how I’d like it as I don’t really think of myself as a modern quilter.  I always say there are only three categories in a quilt show…how, wow, and why?  And Quilt Con was so much WOW!

These are just a few of the dozens of shots I took.  I apologize to the makers that I didn’t think to photo the info cards, too.  There was so much to see!  A gallery of quilts in the hallway was just full of amazing pieces.  I’ll have to do another post of more of our favorites….there was, of course, some shopping.

I visited the Northcott booth and thanked them for their support of the Christmas Carol Row Along, checked out Moda’s booth and found an adorable black and white cat charm pack at Missouri Star.  It was fun to hear stories of how Missouri Star’s success has impacted their town.  Before MSQC started, their post office was slated for closing…now it is handling thousands of packages every week.  It’s great to see how one quilter’s dream has improved so many lives!



There’s a photo of my quilt con shopping (well, the little blue section in the lower right is to make a block for Michael Miller’s block drive but the rest is just fun!)

On another note, there is slow progress on the great takeover of the third floor.  The futon and desk made an exit and now the two sewing tables are set up in the former seating area.


This is probably the cleanest my table’s been in years!  More photos will be coming soon but now I have to head to work!

Happy quilting!


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