Project Quilting 9.1


This is being written on my phone so this will be a short post. The first Project Quilting season 9 challenge was Hometown Pride. Well, Oregon City has a lot of fun attributes but the one that comes first is that Oregon City is the end of the Oregon Trail. (There’s a town up the Columbia that tries to dispute that but that’s a long story. )

So, despite my efforts to point my brain in a different direction… wagon trains it is. A single wagon parked for the night under the stars beneath the shelter of a tall tree. I imagine a family bunked down inside, tired of the long walk and delighted to think of the new life they will start in this new place.

Linking up to Dreams. Challenge 1… done! Are you playing along?

5 responses to “Project Quilting 9.1

  1. love how you quilted the tree!!!!

  2. So cute, Beth. I love the button wheels.

  3. Wonderful inspiration. Love those wheels.

  4. I enjoy the buttons for the wheels, the starry sky and the tree detail!

  5. It’s wonderful! Great creation and I love how there’s a story to go with it!

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