Oh, I love New Years! I love the resolutions, the planning, the wide open expanse of days in which I can conquer my lists! And then life happens…. So, I’m taking a new approach this year. I’m tracking my finishes and only worrying about the projects on the immediate horizon. My UFO list is over 60 projects so we won’t go there. Here’s what’s right in front of me for the first quarter of the year… not in order of importance. 1. Scrap Vortex… nearly pieced, just one more row. 2. Baby quilts… several babies are on the horizon for the year. 3. Dublin path quilt for my daughter. 4. Dublin path charity top. 5. A pattern test I’ve made no progress on so far. 6. A heart quilt project. 7. Project Quilting challenges…I love these and find them very energizing! 8. And the biggest project on the list is the rearranging of my sewing room! So, that’s the start of my list… (Ok, so I’ve over-goaled already but I do love my traditions!) Happy New Year!

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