Christmas Carol Row Along Show and Tell

I have just loved this row along!  Christmas is so packed with so many many wonderful traditions and memories…my husband tells me that anything I do once during the holidays becomes a tradition!  One of our early family traditions was to go to the Nutcracker on the day after Christmas.  December 26th became “Nutcracker Day” at our house and Santa always left an extra gift of a nutcracker under the tree for each of the girls.  As they got older, the nutcrackers gave way to Spode pieces so that, when they are ready for them, they will have a start on their own Spode collection.  (My Spode comes out on the 1st of December to be the “everyday” dishes for the month of December.) So when I saw Amy’s Nutcracker Row, I knew I had to make one…or two!  Now, I do have a confession to make…I can’t fuse.  I  know, I know, it’s easier, faster and and lots of people are great at it but I’m not one of them.  So, I’m working away on my design but hand appliqueing  my details.  I made two of the handsome guys – aren’t they adorable?  I just love Amy’s work!

I added my first bell row test row to the top and I’ve been dithering over what rows to add next.  I really love the candle row but I’m afraid it will look like we are holding their little feet to the fire. There have been so very many beautiful rows that it is hard to decide.  I am leaning towards the Let It Snow row from the Upstairs Hobby Room but done is scrappy reds and greens.

However, this is how far I’ve gotten…


Now, just because I didn’t get much done that doesn’t mean that everyone else hasn’t been busy.  Hop on over to these bloggers to see what fun they’ve got going on.

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Marian of Seams to Be Sew has put together a stellar set of prizes for this hop.  I get to give away this…you have the chance to get a code to buy one of these awesome mats for 50% off!  And pop over to Marian’s post to see what other fun things are going on!


Enter the rafflecopter giveaway here.

I look forward to showing you my progress as I “slow stitch” my way through the details on these guys and watching this quilt evolve.  One of my quilt “life goals” is to have a Christmas quilt on every bed in the house.  I can’t wait to see my beds all decked out for the holidays!  Of course, before that, there’s another holiday….and another blog hop.

Stay tuned!


18 responses to “Christmas Carol Row Along Show and Tell

  1. I agree about the candle sticks. I think the let it snow row would be perfect.

  2. Those nut crackers are amazing!!!

  3. I love those nutcrackers in red and the bells are so cute!

  4. omgosh, to to cute Beth… Love it!!!

  5. Very nice!

  6. Oh, love you’re project so far!! I selfishly hope you do use my row…would love to see it done in scrappy/colours!!!

  7. The nutcrackers are really fun to work with.

  8. Very cute! It’s going to turn out darling.

  9. I love it. Thanks for sharing

  10. I love it! Thanks for your ideas and inspiration!

  11. I like the start you have there! It may not be as far as you hoped to get, but those nutcrackers are labor intensive. It looks wonderful!

  12. Very Nice! Love the look of your nutcrackers! Thank you for sharing!

  13. What a cute quilt! the nutcrackers are my favorite

  14. Wlpe! Okay I’m going make one just like that, maybre more bells on botyo! Love it.

  15. Your quilt top is off to a darling start! It looks wonderful!

  16. this wonderful…and such a great way to landmark an old and lovely tradition….love those memories!!!

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