Sew Much to Say!

OK, so there’s busy and then there’s “start of the school year” busy and I’ve been both.  Before I know it, we’re into the second week of school and, more importantly, into the second week of the Christmas Carol Row Along coordinated by the wonderful Marian at Seams to be Sew!  My day isn’t until October 5th and I’m sewing frantically.  I sure hope you like my row…I’m always worried that my “baby designer” offerings aren’t as sophisticated as my counterparts’ designs.  I did have such kind comments on my row from last year.  We each chose a favorite Christmas Carol and designed our row around that.  I just found out today that the rows will only stay up a week on each site so hustle around and get them quick!  Mine will be up indefinitely but not everyone’s will.  The schedule in full can be found at

I’ve been lucky enough to see the designs in advance and you don’t want to miss this!


I had sew very much fun in Denver!  I have a whole bunch of photos to share…but not right now.  Right now I need to run and finish the dishes so I can do a few minutes of sewing before bed.  Never a dull moment!

Happy quilting!

2 responses to “Sew Much to Say!

  1. The row a long has been fun to follow along with so far. I wish I had more time to sew. I will look forward to seeing your design in October.

  2. The Row Along has been fun. I know what busy means, as I have been busy for months now. Thank you for your kind comment regarding my row this past week. I think all the rows are lovely, no matter how elaborate or simple and look forward to yours as well.

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