Quite some time ago, I fell in love with the Scrap Vortex Quilt over at Crazy Mom Quilts. I was in love but short on time and long on commitments. I did start playing around with blocks, though, cleaning pieces off the sewing room floor and making a block here or there. These are great therapy blocks… nothing to match, no fuss, no muss. Today, I had a whole afternoon and decided to lay them out and see how far I had gotten.,

Not a great photo but I was excited to see that I am somewhere in the large lap to twin size already! I’m going for queen size as I’d like one for my bed.

I’m also working on a quilt for my daughter’s birthday… it’s no surprise as she picked the pattern and colors. Now we are auditioning greys.n

This grey looked too dark with some of the creamier whites but I like it with the stark whites.

This one is too light.

If I use the dark one, I’ll have to go shop for more white fabric… sigh…oh the hardships, right? Like I wouldn’t love an excuse!

While I’ve been sewing scraps, I also started some string blocks with the longer pieces of scraps. There’s such joy to this… string blocks leave bits and pieces that go right into vortex blocks.

Here’s a photo of the string blocks (with about five more not shown. )

Now, however, it’s time for some serious sewing. I’ve got my Northcott fabric to make a second version of my row for the upcoming row along. And, I’m planning to take some rows from my fabulous co- designers and make a Christmas quilt. One of my quilter dreams is to have a Christmas quilt on every bed in the house!

On the home life front, this happened yesterday

Our youngest is a licensed driver! Of course, as soon as she drove to work, her alternator started to go so mom had to pick her up while dad fixed the car… but there’s driver experience in that, too! So bittersweet to have the last one so grown up.

We’re struggling with heat and fires here so I hope you are at a comfortable temperature where you are! Here’s one last picture… this is Milo in helper mode.

Quilts are just better with cat hair, right?

Happy quilting!


2 responses to “Vortexing!

  1. Lots of vortexing going on there! That is such a great use of scraps. I love the string blocks too – always a favorite of mine.

    Congratulations to the newest driver.

  2. Great idea to play with your scraps fabrics.Congrats to your youngest.

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