Spring Break and Happy Easter!

Spring Break!  Ok,  it was two weeks ago but I still had a great quilty fun and enough sewing time to restore my tired spirits a bit. One of our co-workers was hospitalized before spring break and,  since flowers aren’t an option and,  well,  I’m a quilter,  I made a signature quilt for his students and coworkers to sign. 

I had,  for reasons I don’t remember,  thought I would make 16 blocks but 9 with wide sashing was plenty big.  I set the remaining pieces aside but they quickly found a home in this quilt which I made and gave to the high school as a memorial quilt for a student who passed away suddenly from complications of an illness.   It was a push to get it done by Sunday night but I was grateful to have a small way to help.

I also finished this rail fence variation top from an inspiration packet from my guild. 

I decided to do something I’ve never done before and turn it in as a top and let someone else quilt and bind it.  I was inspired to make this by a photo on Pinterest.   I understand there is a pattern by the name of “Dublin.” I just winged it but I’m a big fan of supporting independent pattern designers. 

I also turned I  this quilt to my guild.

I hope the person who gets it loves it as much as my husband did…I got a pretty clear hint that he wants one,  too!

I ended up working 34 instead of my 17 planned hours at my part time job.  We were hit with several people out ill at the same time.   This week in the run-up to Easter,  I put in 30 hours in addition to my full time gig.   I don’t think I want to do that again any time soon but it did bring us to a major financial landmark.  I’ll spill more about that next week. 

This weekend,  I did get to go to my quilters ‘ tea for the first time in ages. The theme was magic and I loved everyone’s take on the theme. 

I’ve gone on quite a bit longer than i thought so I’ll just leave you with this bit of Easter cheeriness…eggs by Jelly and Kevin

Those colours make me want to grab a stack of batiks and make another one of those rail fence variations!  

I’m looking forward too a slightly lighter schedule this week and,  because we had company for dinner,  there’s a fair head start on cleaning!

Happy Easter and Happy quilting!


One response to “Spring Break and Happy Easter!

  1. Those are all such nice finishes. I hope the quilt will bring comfort to the family who is suffering.

    I can see why your husband would like a quilt just like that beauty. Have fun doing another one!!!

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