The Half-Dressed Man and the Enchanted Rose

Sometimes, I get really bored with “I’ve been really busy” but it’s been the truth in my life.  Somehow, the week before last, I managed to work almost thirty hours at my part-time job, well 29 hours and 55 minutes to be exact.  That’s on top of working my full-time job.  Yes, busy.  Yes, probably crazy and, frankly, a tad tiring.  But, that being said, there’s been some fun along the way!  First, my girls and I met up in California to celebrate my mom’s 85th birthday.


Three of my four favorite girls!

My mom knows how to make getting older look good!  She’s  still busy working at the San Diego Public Library four days a week and driving all over Southern California.  We had a birthday party then headed north to LA for a little “stay-cation.”


My mom, my sister, me and my nephew in front of the coolest street sign in Pasadena!


We went to the Getty and the Huntington Library, saw another painting by one of our favorite painters, Edwin Frederic Church (google him, seriously) and my sister and I went to the Viper Room with my oldest and my niece.  Sure fun time!  However, I missed a Project Quilting deadline because I ended up working every night until the night I left.  Seriously, I ended up packing my dirty laundry and taking it to do at mom’s house!

That being said, I did make an attempt at the Well-Dressed Man Challenge but found myself again called into work and gave up finishing on time when I realized I was 12 minutes away from the deadline.  I’m fast but not that fast! My inspiration was my dad who was fond of very wild bow ties.


I’m finished with the quilting…I’m having a little trouble with the whole organic wavy line idea…I find myself trying to echo instead.  And the whole stitch regulator is still a bit of a mystery to me…but I’m getting there.

I did manage a finish the next week.  A co-worker is expecting a baby and was doing the nursery in Beauty and the Beast.  I used an enchanted rose pattern from Fandom in Stitches and my dear husband enlarged it for me.  Now, here’s a question for you….how come I can’t remember some things but I can remember that I bought a beautiful rose print a few years ago and can tell it from any other rose fabric in my, ahem, extensive stash?  wp-1489467589892.jpg

So, upcoming fun stuff….The Qwazy Quilting Queens are coming!



We all knew I was crazy and, hey, I like a tiara as well as the next girl so stay tuned!  Also, further down the road is the Row Along.  I can’t wait to play with my design for this year and the theme is sew fun!  I still consider myself a “baby” designer so expect a nicely beginner oriented row from me.  Actually, two color versions because, well, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to tell yet.  Hop over to Seams to be Sew and catch up on the news!


And, with that, I’m off to bed.  Staff meeting first thing tomorrow and, while my body thinks it’s 9 pm-ish now, it’s going to think it’s a whole lot earlier tomorrow morning at 5!  I’m working tomorrow and Wednesday nights which gives me Thursday and Friday to make my final challenge quilt.  The theme is time and deadlines, etc.  I’m not sure how to approach this one as the thought of time just makes me want to panic right now as there is never, ever enough of it!  But, I have just as many hours as everyone else on this blue spinny ball of ours and I’m going to make sure I spend some of them sewing!

Happy quilting!






2 responses to “The Half-Dressed Man and the Enchanted Rose

  1. It sounds like an amazing time with the family. Yes, your mom looks and acts so much younger!

    I have a terrible time with the organic quilting too, but I do love those bright bow ties. Your rose is perfect for a baby gift.

  2. am so loving that I finally had my password saved and don’t have trouble commenting on your posts now…love, love, love the rose quilt—and I do remember the same sort of stuff, like that I have a particular brand of adhesive, but never remember where I put it!!!!…

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