The Road Home from Oregon

It’s my turn!  When the road home was announced, I felt like I was really going out on a limb.  After all, I’m not an experienced designer and I was swimming with some very experienced and talented fish!

When I think of my home here in Oregon, there’s one landscape feature that literally dwarfs the rest of the trees and landscape…Mt. Hood.  Towering over 11,000 feet tall, Mt. Hood is a focal point in our skyline.


I wanted to capture the way Mt. Hood dominates the skyline with an almost perfectly triangular shape.    Windsurfing was also born in Oregon in the view of Mt. Hood so I wanted to show a few little colorful sails on my Columbia River.


Trees of course, are a very Oregon thing and Canadian geese are both a common site and sometimes the cause of a traffic jam or two.  One day, I was on the highway and traffic ahead of me came to a sudden stop.  Nothing moved and there was no sign of an accident.  As I craned my head around to see what was happening, I saw a stately flock of geese walking slowly across the road.  To everyone’s credit, no one honked and we all waited patiently while the little flock safely crossed the highway before beginning our journey again.

So, for my row, I combined all of those elements and pieced my own Mt. Hood row where the mountain dominates the skyline and the geese fly and the windsurfers ride the wind and water of the Columbia Gorge.


My instructions are mostly in photos but feel free to let me know if you find a mistake or have a question.  My row is 12″x 40″ finished but, if you want a shorter row, you could easily take some of the space out between the mountain and the geese to shorten it up a bit. I didn’t use a pure white for the mountain and, if you zoom in very close, you’ll see that the faces of forest creatures are peaking back out at you.

So, there it is, my stop on the road home.  I hope you’ll like it and please be sure to stop over at Marian’s place at Seams to be Sew and enter the giveaway there.  Marian’s done an amazing job at gathering prizes and we have some super generous sponsors!   A little bird told me that Amy of Sew Incredibly Crazy has been hard at work, too. I haven’t given up hope of making a few of my fellow designer’s rows but everything has been pushed back while I work on the memorial signature quilt for our dear friend’s service this Sunday.  I thought of quickly quilting this up but, honestly, I have my heart set on making a whole quilt with rows from the many talented designers who I’ve met On the Road Home.

You can download my pattern here mt-hoodinstructions

And please visit my co-rowers for today!

September 22

I’m going to keep this as a free pattern just to celebrate the fact that I managed to create a pattern!  I may try to get it uploaded to Craftsy eventually and would love your feedback.  Now, since your going to need to leave a comment to enter the rafflecopter maybe you could tell me about a landmark near you…what dominates your skyline?  Or, what doesn’t?  I’d love to know!

One lucky winner will win a Martelli cutting mat and cutter (something I could have used last weekend when I discovered that two of my rotary cutters had gotten wet and rusted, yes rusted…ever used your oven to rescue your cutter?  That’s a story for another day!)  You can enter for this awesome prize by clicking here.



There’s also an Anita Goodman Embroidery Design CD as a prize here.

Thank you for joining me on the Road Home today.  And may your own road home be filled with joy and laughter and may your journey be smooth and your troubles few.

Happy quilting,









72 responses to “The Road Home from Oregon

  1. I really like your row. Very manageable for those of us that don’t enjoy lots of paper piecing!

  2. Thanks you for your beautiful row.

  3. Beautiful!

  4. This is a great row, and especially for beginners alike because it is easy to piece and put together. I thought your depiction of Mt Hood is well done because it is one of those type mountains that does have a “pointy” top .. the birds and trees and the water. I am happy that you joined us because this event isn’t suppose to be just for the experienced. Its suppose to be for everyone, even if it challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and you did that quite well. Congratulations on a wonderful row.

  5. Beth, I love your row. Thank you for sharing with us

  6. Great Row. My nephew lives in Washington and is always posting pics of Mt. Hood, You live in a beautiful area.

  7. Lovely row. Need to come visit Mt Hood someday.

  8. I really love your row. The mountain is very impressive. I have a view of the mountains from my deck, but they are nothing like yours. LOL Thank you for sharing.

  9. What a wonderful place you call home-your block is just great-thank you, Susan

  10. Used to have Manhatten, NY Skyline, now woods. You need a row of green above and below the lake for the trees, and a mountain fabric with grays going through it instead of straight white. Looks good, you are on the the right track.

  11. I live in the eastern part of North Dakota, where everything is flat and boring, but beautiful in it’s own way. I love a big field of sunflowers growing, it’s beautiful, but not really a landmark, lol. Jadahlgr at Yahoo dot Com

  12. wow this is wonderful. I love how you took these things and interpreted them like this

  13. You did a beautiful job of capturing your skyline…love it! I’ve never been there. Maybe someday…. :O)

  14. You did a great job of depicting home and adding in your elements. Home for me is Vancouver, BC. We have the mountains, the ocean, lots of trees and critters, and a load of Canada Geese. Your comment about the geese crossing was very familiar. There are now barriers to keep the geese from crossing a main throughway that cuts through Stanley Park, another major landmark. Even in rush hour, people stopped for the Canada Geese families but, better to be safe for all.
    You did a wonderful job of your row.

  15. Great row. I do love the combined designs elements! Home for me has a mountain view. Well, that’s from the back view. Plains and planes from the front! LOL!!

  16. I like the row. Very different. Rusted, oh dear.

  17. You did a great job. I love the colorful sails. I was wondering how you were going to include all of your ideas and you did it beautifully.

  18. This is a wonderful row. It is easy for the beginner or someone wanting an uncomplicated row, yet it shows your road home so well. Thank you.

  19. Visiting Oregon is on my bucket list! I hope you’ll post photos of your finished quilt adding the rows of your favorites on this blog…it will be gorgeous!

  20. What a great representation of Oregon! I love how you used triangles for so many different features.

  21. Now that’s my kind of row – all pieced without applique! I love the pieced water. Mount Baker dominates our skyline here in Bellingham.

  22. I like that your row is piecing. While I like applique, I am much more comfortable with piecing. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Love it, Beth!

  24. Wonderful row, mountain, geese and sails…great combo!

  25. Great row. Would love to be in the mountains today. It’s fall here, but hot like summer.

  26. I live right on the coast of New Hampshire and nothing really dominates the scenery in terms of height. The Piscataqua River Bridge that carries I-95 is probably the tallest thing around. It even has a Wikipedia entry. Thanks for sharing your row.

  27. I love your representation of the windsurfers! This is a great row!

  28. Very peaceful row, love it!

  29. Hi Beth-My hometown is San Francisco and the landmark is the Golden Gate Bridge. Many years ago I bought and appliqué pattern and put it on the back of one of those denim chambray shirts. I still have it and there are many other landmarks like the Trans-America Pyramid, Coit Tower, Giant’s stadium that someday I may use on a quilt. So many projects, so little time.

  30. Very nice! I visited Oregon once and it was such a pretty place!

  31. What a lovely row. I love seeing how everyone interprets their row.

  32. Here in Comanche County Oklahoma Mount Scott and the windmill farm dominates my skyline. crystalbluern at tds dot net

  33. Love your row! Love mountains – best place to be in the summer heat!

  34. Great row, we live in NW PA about one hour from Lake Erie.

  35. Thanks for your row. Living in view of Mt Hood, I plan to make this row with the following alterations: Add the windtrail I often see blowing from the top of the mountain, Make the mountain pink to emulate the alpenglow I sometimes see. Thanks again for your lovely row.

  36. Very nice row….Ty for sharing as in my view I go to the end of my driveway …And i see the mountains love them….

  37. Great row! I spent my childhood summers in the Parkdale area of the Hood River Valley. Every morning I woke up to Mt. Hood framed in my bedroom window!

  38. Great row, Beth! I’ve watched the wind surfers on the river. I call the Columbia River ‘mine’, too. The river flows right by my house, and I’ve paddled my canoe on it many a time. Thanks for sharing!

  39. I think this is my favorite row so far! Our vacation home is close to Mount Baker, WA, and we love our first views of the mountain as we get closer!

  40. Okay, now your row is just fun! Thanks so much for sharing it and your thoughts about Oregon.

  41. Thank you for the cute row by row block!

  42. I love the simplicity of your row, a nice break from some of the more complex options. I think it will also offer a place for the eye to rest when used on a quilt in conjunction with other rows. Thanks!

  43. Great row! Love the view of the mountain. Thank you for sharing.

  44. Love your row.

  45. You did a great job designing your row. Thanks for sharing.

  46. I really like your row and your creative story behind it. I will be able to make your row and I am very pleased to see one that I can do – thank you. I love the wind surfers, the mountain, and the flying geese – awesome.
    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  47. Maryellen McAuliffe

    Cute! I love the added geese. I do want to visit one day. My skyline has the Freedom Tower and Statue of Liberty, and Empire State building. I’m near NYC.

  48. Great job designing your row. I really like it.

  49. I’m a Californian transplanted to NW Oregon, so your row has become part of my Road Home. Thank you for making such a beautiful representation.

  50. We love seeing Mt Hood when we go visit our family in Portland! Such a majestic sight and you captured it well! You’ll have to wait until I show my row next week to see my local landmarks!

  51. we visit Oregon a lot and can see mount hood every day. like the simplicity as well as the flying geese over the gorge

  52. What a fun row, Beth! Love those little flying geese in the sky. Right now we are seeing many gaggles? flying South in their V’s. My favorite time of the year. Thanks for the pattern.

  53. I miss the PNW and it’s beauty that your row brings out!

  54. Nice row, love Mt Hood. The only thing that dominates the sky around here other than some hills is the smog! Everywhere!

  55. You did a great job on your row! I would love to visit your state sometime

  56. Your row is awesome! Love the flying geese! One of the sites in my hometown , Detroit, would be the Ambassador Bridge – connecting us with our Canadian friends!

  57. Very nice row and brings back memories of my visits to that beautiful area. As for scenic views, I have to drive about a mile to see the beautiful waters of either the Atlantic Ocean or one of our many waterways here in Florida, otherwise the only thing that dots my skyline are palm trees and knockout sunsets.

  58. Love your view of Mt.Hood! We are in high desert area but see the mountains often.

  59. Nice block. I like the way you depicted the wind surfers. I have seen them my self. they are amazing.

  60. Thank you. You did a great job. I think I can actually do this one.

  61. Simple, yet lovely row. Thank you (

  62. I love it! My parents moved to Seattle while I was in college, and while I was still single, I would go visit during school breaks and we’d explore. One of my favorite times was driving from Seattle to Portland and down the Columbia River gorge and seeing Mt St Helens, Rainier, Hood and 3 Sisters. I love your row! Hope you get it to Craftsy, I love Craftsy!

  63. How neat. I have family that live in the Medford area; it’s always so pretty there. You captured Oregon in a row. Thanks for the pattern.

  64. Mt. Hood is so awesome. Oregon is a beautiful state. Lovely row!

  65. Very nice!

  66. I love the deep blue background and the others. What a beautiful quilt!

  67. seeing so much of the country…making rowS!!!

  68. Your row is beautiful, just like the state. I love the simple lines.

  69. Your row is a fun interpretation, love it!

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