A Dream Come True

I have a rich fantasy life (no,  not that kind!)   but I do have a vivid imagination. Pair that with hopeless optimism and you have a tendency to keep hoping things that you hope will work will accually work sometime.  Otherwise known as the definition of crazy,  I know. 

Maybe it was too much Disney but I’ve always had this theory that if I could just finish enough projects then my sewing room would sort of “sew itself clean. ” Just envision quilts flying out the machine and leaving big clean spaces behind.  I’ll pause while you laugh,  it’s ok. 

But the other night,  it happened!  I sewed something clean and I have photos to prove it!  

It’s ok,  Jack couldn’t believe it at first either.  What happened was that I finished my current leader/ender and decided to start a scrap vortex (which I’ve been thinking of ever since I saw it last summer. ) With a pile of miscellaneous scraps and a free 1/2 evening,  I allowed myself some purely fun sewing time. Unfortunately,  it was hard to have as much fun as I wanted because under my table looked like this.

Pretty awful,  right? And I was was doing my best to jus ignore it when I realized that some of the mess was scraps. I began gathering up the usable pieces and tossing them into my scrap improve blocks. Before long,  I’d used all the pieces off the floor (except the fat quarter which I set aside) and after a quick vacuum the floor looked like this.

I have to tell you,  I was pretty excited and so was my sewing helper!

Viola. ..after almost four decades of sewing,  my theory worked! Next time I can finagle a 1/2 night of sewing,  I’m eyeing up the cuting table! Turns out,  you’re never too old for a little magic to sneak into your sewing room! 

Happy quilting, 


2 responses to “A Dream Come True

  1. I knew it worked! So glad it happened to you!! It is in my plan for this coming week. Hooray!

  2. Wow, you did great. I love your assistant. I bet s/he was a big help!

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