The Goat Major (No, Seriously!)

We started our day with an uphill hike to the citadelle to see the changing of the guard.   To our delight and amusement the regiment boasts, “The Royal Goat” and his regimental counterpart,  “The Goat Major.” The Goat had gold painted horns and his predecessor was a gift from the Queen of England.   Well,  he is goat #11. After three, they imported a Mrs. Goat with goat 4 so the current goats are born and bred in Canada. “Goat Major” is an actual rank in the military. This particular breed of goat was a gift to Queen Victoria from the King of Iran…so perhaps you could consider this a regifting? Apparently,  this breed of goat will fight to the death to protect their young and thus were felt to be an appropriate gift for the much-decorated regiment. The buildings are dotted with the names of battles where regimental honors were earned. This also happens to be where Roosevelt and Churchill meet twice during WWII. 

The view was stunning, too! So,  there’s my story du jour…hope your day had a fun story or two as well! 

Happy quilting! 


One response to “The Goat Major (No, Seriously!)

  1. I certainly learned something new today. Very interesting about the goats.

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