Whew!  The whole school year has gone by in a blur and I’m on summer break!   After just a couple days,  I hopped a plane and headed out for another “ladies trip” with my mom and sister. This time we’re traveling close to my mom’s roots in the Quebec province of Canada. I flew to San Diego first and, since it was free with my room,  tried this

Yep,  that’s me on a paddle board.   It was fun, and scary and my feet were almost cramping with my efforts to hold on with the soles of my feet!  Just as I was congratulating myself on staying dry,  I fell in!  Luckily,  this nice gentleman kayaking nearby held my board while I climbed back on. 

We headed to Montréal first,  and after 5 fun days,  we are in Quebec City. 

I’m taking a ton of pictures but there’s only so much I can write on my phone. My mom’s been a trouper.  She’s 84 and doing great keeping up with all the walking. 

Here we all are in one of my selfie attempts

I’m still figuring out how to angle the phone so I don’t have 47 chins!

I’ve not seen a fabric store yet this trip. ..the one in Montreal wasn’t open by the time I figured out where it was.  However,  I’m still hoping! 

I’ll be back home in about 10 days and then I intend to bond with my neglected sewing room! 

Happy quilting! 


One response to “Vacation!

  1. It looks like fun. Your mom is a real trooper! I’m not sure that I could even stand up on one of those paddle boards. Way to go!

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