A Finish!!!

It’s a finish!   Ok, it’s a pretty simple lap quilt for a friend who had surgery…and it’s two months late. …but it’s a finish (did I mention I’m pretty excited to have a finish? )


I’m also very excited to have a whole day off for Mother’s Day. I didn’t ask for it but I’m enjoying it!   I’m not really counting but today is my first day off from both jobs since March 27. So far,  I’m making the most of it.  I took my younger daughter to work,  did beginner yoga with my older daughter (thank you, Youtube), my wonderful husband made breakfast and we’re heading off to walk the bluffs for a bit. 

We’ve got people coming for dinner tonight but I’m hoping to sneak in some travel planning and quilting time.  I’m also hard at work planning my “The Road Home” row. I’ve got so many ideas!
I also had my quilters tea just recently so here’s my Sunday Stash update. ..our theme was Woodland Creatures. Aren’t these so cute? 


So,  before I go,  I’d just like to say Happy Mother’s Day to ask the women out there.  Even if you’re not technically someone’s mom,  odds are that you are nurturing someone in your life and that,  in my mind,  is the essence of mothering.
Happy quilting!

One response to “A Finish!!!

  1. That is a beautiful finish. Happy Mother’s Day to you as well.

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