Sunday Stash

I’ll admit it,  I’m actually trying to curtail my purchasing practices (and hoping not to cause an economic crisis) but I couldn’t resist this sweet print at my LQS.


Isn’t that the cutest?  I’m thinking new makeup bag.   Although it would make an adorable baby quilt feature print,  or. ..oh,  all the creative thoughts spinning in my brain!
I’ve had a busy week of of both jobs.  My mom came to visit and I recruited her to help with some much needed scrap sorting.


Of course, we had first class kitty assistance!

We also did a trip up the Gorge to the Maryhill Museum.


We visited the Stonehenge-inspired war memorial.


We did the tulip fields in all their muddy glory.


And then,  my body caught hold of an awful bug that put me out of commission for two days and made us miss our trip to Seattle!
Mom went home on Saturday and my dear friend took point on Easter dinner. We had a wonderful,  relaxing day that could have only been better if we had all our girls here (two are out of state and my dear niece was home sick. ) But there was much fun and laughter and I got to wear my new jacket. ..I couldn’t resist this


It’s even called “Cathedral Windows.”

So,  from my house to yours, a very Happy Easter!  And,  of course, happy quilting! 
Linking up to Sunday Stash. ..if it’s not past time!

2 responses to “Sunday Stash

  1. It looks like you had a nice visit with your mom. It’s a shame that illness had to play a part in the visit, but glad you are feeling better.

  2. Cool Mom to give you a hand with the scraps, and of course the kitty checking to be sure it’s all kitty proof.. hehehe I doubt I would have resisted that print also, it’s very cute, also love the Cathedral Window print, it has the look of “stamping” and a dyed effect with the stamping of the print.

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