“I Need a Vacation” Project Quilting Challenge

Honestly, when they announced that the next challenge in Project Quilting was “I need a vacation”, I laughed out loud.  I was at the tail of end of an 80-hour work week between my two jobs and was getting rather tired.  For those of you who may have stopped by for the first time, I work for a school and I work in a candy store and, well, they announced the challenge on Valentine’s Day…enough said!

My word of the year for my quilts is “Scrap” and so I went to my trusty scrap bags and began pulling…


I had a plan but it pretty much went by the wayside as soon as I started sewing (my original plan had curved piecing but didn’t pan out quite the way I thought it would.)

I was feeling pretty good about it at this point.


Then I got the sky on and hmmph, things starting looking flat and uninspired.

This morning, I stole 1.5 hours to sew and thought I’d take the sky apart and revamp it but, seriously, it needed done today so I hoped a border fabric could do some magic and I found one!


It still looks flat but the border helps.  I made a little “franken-batt” because i just “need” to use up those ever-multiplying batting scraps.


And I began quilting.  Quickly, but with a little plan and, to my great delight, my little beach scene started coming alive!

Here’s a picture of my finished quilt outside


And here’s  an inside shot that I think shows the quilting better.  (Remember, by the time everything else was ready, I had 1 hour to quilt and bind this.)


This is what happens when they change WordPress around…I can’t find where to flip this image.  Hopefully, you still get the idea!

Of course, I had good help on this project and it got the Gizmo seal of approval.


OK, so now I’m linking this up to Persimmon Dreams and  the voting will open tomorrow.  I’d love a few votes but, honestly, I feel like I’ve already won just by stretching my creative process.  Every piece in this quilt was a scrap of some kind and nearly every seam was cut and sewn freehand.  I am so excited to see what the next challenge will be!

Happy quilting!


4 responses to ““I Need a Vacation” Project Quilting Challenge

  1. Darlington Delights

    What a lovely design. You did an excellent job & you definitely get my vote!

  2. Cute….and I like the prairie points for the water. Your quilting really make it all pop.

  3. This is so cute and your quilting is amazing!

  4. You have a great idea for the waves! This is a sweet quilt. Beach vaca’s are the best.

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