Nuts about…..SCRAPS! And TWO Giveaways!

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When Marian over at Seams to Be Sew set up the Nuts about you blog hop, I wanted to do squirrels…I really wanted to do squirrels.  Because Lorna over at Sew Fresh Quilts has the cutest squirrels and every time I saw the nuts in the blog hop button…well, you know how it is.  But there wasn’t really time for squirrels and my theme of the year is, well, scraps not squirrels.  I am, however, very, very, very nuts about scraps!  I have a really hard time throwing out a scrap and have the best intentions of using them all someday.

It was the Little House books that sparked some of my love of scraps.  My mom sewed and I remember being so intrigued with the idea of making something from “the scrapbag” like Laura and Mary did.    So, when you save every scrap you end up with a scrapbag, and another, and another.  Thanks to Bonnie Hunter, I’ve been able to get my scraps more organized but there are a lot of them (and then there’s that irresistible “free table” at guild meetings.) So a while back  I decided to start with the triangle drawer.  Which looked at lot like this…


I decided to make wonky star blocks with the smaller triangles (most left from cutting mitered joins of 2.5″ strips from bindings.)  I cut 2″ light backgrounds from the 2″ strip drawer and added random center squares.  I built my little stars a few at a time and eventually had enough for a small quilt.  Then, I rummaged in the lovely finds from the “free” table to find a piece of red that yielded just enough squares for setting and a piece that kept calling out to be the border.  The selvage made me smile.


I used a bit of black that was in my stash and a piece that was just the right shade for a binding.  I put together a “franken-batt” from leftover strips of batting.  I just butt pieces up to one another on the cut side and use a large zig-zag stitch.  I named them “Franken-batts” because they are patchworked all over with big stitches like, well, Frankenstein’s monster.  It takes a bit of time but you basically have a free batting!


Backing came from a leftover piece of flannel.  I intended to piece the backing but was running out of time.

So, with all that build-up, I hope you like my little quilt.  I love it and I love that I made it entirely out of what was lying around.


It’s not the best shot and I may try to add one in the morning if I can.  Here’s a close-up of some of the blocks which finish at 4″


So, there you have it. One quilt made almost entirely out of pieces that some may have pitched!  Now, I’ve decided to switch gears with those small triangles and I’m working on Wild & Goosey blocks to use the rest of them.  The W&G block just uses more triangles per block and I’m fighting the tide here as each new project adds triangles!

Now, I thought long and hard about pulling a bag of scraps for a prize but not everyone is as nuts about them as I am and I thought fat quarters might be more fun (and meant I didn’t have to decide what to part with!)  But mine is not the only giveaway.  We have wonderful sponsors for this hop,

Displaying FatQuarterShop.png

Fat Quarter Shopanypattern_clr_300dpi

Click here to enter a rafflecopter giveaway for a gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop or a pattern from Anypattern.  There will be prizes for each day of the hop so come check out the great quilters playing along each day!  For a bit of an extra prize, leave me a comment to win this set of fat quarters that might show up  in your own scrappy quilt.


Now, hop over to the rest of today’s bloggers.  You’re going to love what you find!  My deepest thanks to Marian for setting all this up and for our sponsors for being so generous!  I love being a part of these hops!

Happy quilting!



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94 responses to “Nuts about…..SCRAPS! And TWO Giveaways!

  1. Oh, I love your little stars. And the quilt you made. And the red alternate blocks, and especially the border fabric. I, too, love using scraps but I’ve not made anything as fabulous as this little quilt of yours!

  2. I am nuts about scraps, too. I love it when I use some of them up. I love your quilt. What a great feeling it must be to turn all these scrap pieces into something so beautiful. Thanks for sharing … 🙂 Pat

  3. Diane Schmutzler

    I love wonky blocks.You could even day I’m a kittle nuts over them. Well, except when my blocks come out wonky when I didn’t mean for them to.

  4. I love what you did with the scraps.

  5. I love your quilt, I save all my scraps too, but I don’t have enough to make a quilt yet.

  6. Me, too! I’m crazy in love with scraps and scrappy quilts. I was interested to see what you think made you lean that direction. I love your wonky stars block.

  7. I won’t throw anything either – though I don’t yet have as many scraps as you. I just love the quilt you made, and it’s inspired me to keep the pattern in mind when I next have a ‘go’ at my scraps!

  8. I wish I had the patience to do that with my scraps

  9. It is a lovely quilt, and it is great that it is made of scraps!

  10. Great job with the scraps!

  11. WoW Beth, this is awesome, I love that you made that totally out of what you had laying around, and I loved the story of what your Nuts About. 🙂

  12. Beth,scrap quilts are right up my alley!

  13. A great quilt, it’s a nice pattern to use up some scraps. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Love your border fabric!

  15. Such a lovely quilt and how wonderful to use all those scraps! I love to work with scraps too!

  16. Your quilt is amazing! I love making things with scraps too. I always feel guilty buying more fabric with all those pieces lying around.

  17. Beautiful way of using small scraps! Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. Darlington Delights

    I’m nuts about scraps, too….I just wish I knew how to use them more. Most of my projects start with a new bundle of fat quarters, hence more scraps.

  19. I love making something out of nothing. I have 3 patterns I use for scraps and one is Wild and Goosey. Thanks for showing the star quilt.

  20. What a nifty little star block. I love scraps and will give this a try. I’ve pieced together batting like you do. I don’t want to waste anything I’ve purchased.

  21. The border was perfect for the quilt, turned out really cute. I’m really getting into the wonky stars lately.

  22. Thanks for the great idea. Very pretty and lots of beautiful work.

  23. What a great challenge/blog hop! I too have been scrap sewing.
    How does it get so out of control? Spider web quilt, not a dent….
    Scrap strips on rope rug, only a slight change in the ” one ” box.
    Now I am adding a scrap piano key border to the spider web and found an entire gallon zip lock of triangles that had a note in it that said ” add 2″ strips for flying geese” so I started that using the scrap box to find the strips. Still I am pulling from box one.
    Kudos to you ladies!

  24. Wow! Great idea for scraps and lots of patience. The colours just make the quilt. Fantastic work! Keep smiling and keep creating!

  25. I Love your stars, what a great way to use up those scraps!

  26. great quilt love wonky stars like that

  27. Really nice job. The color combinations and the border work perfectly.

  28. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  29. Awesome job! I have one of Bonnie’s books. I have not done a scrap quilt yet. I really need to try.

  30. The wonky star quilt is perfect! I love stars and scraps too!

  31. Great quilt. I won a raffle quilt last year with scrappy stars and a background very similar. Love using up scraps!

  32. Yippee there is hope for the STASH of scraps. I too have a very hard time disposing of any type of fabric no matter how small so this quilt is beautiful.

  33. I’m terrible about saving scraps, but this beautiful project has me rethinking about those little pieces of fabric. Love this!

  34. Karen in Breezy Point

    Love those fun stars–I need to start some of my own!

  35. That is such a gorgeous quilt….and all scraps! Amazing! I love your border fabric.

  36. Oh Beth, your a girl after my own heart. I love scrappy quilting, and getting those fabulous quilts from throw aways!!

  37. Wonky stars are the best. Love scraps and not having to match all the seams.

  38. I love, love, love your quilt! That it’s constructed entirely from your scrap stash is an added bonus! It’s a showstopper for sure “)

  39. Your quilt is Scraptabulous!!!! LOL All of your ancesters would be so proud too of you not wasting a little triangle!
    Waste not want not to the max.

  40. Isn’t it wonderful that we can take what some people would consider discard and turn it into something wonderful. I’m working on a heart baby quilt that I’m making totally out of scraps and it’s turning out so much cuter than I expected.

  41. Very nice indeed!!!!

  42. Quilting Tangent

    Love scrappy quilts, great stars.

  43. Your stars are great! I love the idea of scraps but have too many UFOs to actually use them.

  44. Lovely wonky and scrappy stars, that’s a fantastic inspiration. I’m nuts about scraps, too.

  45. HI, neat project>neat lil stars! Thanks for sharing!

  46. I totally understand about those scraps; I’m obsessed, too. I even keep those minute pieces for dog beds and to make wax fire starters! Wonderful little quilt – an almost free project!

  47. Your quilt is amazing. I love the idea that you didn’t waste anything.

  48. Your scrappy quilt looks great! I like that it’s colour coordinated rather than looking chaotic as some scrappy quilts appear to be to me. I try to follow Bonnie’s scrap organization tips too and cut my scraps into standard sizes after each project. I think that makes it more likely that I will use them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  49. Wonderful scrappy stars quilt! (and almost free!, well, I’m sure it felt completely free with all the scrounging you did in you scraps!) Thanks for sharing. I hoard my scraps too (thanks goodness for Bonnie Hunter ideas….)

  50. I do like you do — save all the little scraps and the batting pieces. I use them regularly, but still the piles grow! For some reason, the quilts made with “leftovers” seem extra satisfying to make. Maybe it’s my grandmother’s mantra of “waste not, want not” coming through. Your project is super cute, thanks for sharing!

  51. I’m always looking for ideas to use up scraps because with every quilt I make, I generate scraps. Great idea-those stars. Thanks.

  52. I love your stars made from scraps. I hoard scraps too! Thanks!

  53. I am nuts about your lovely quilt–that is for sure–
    and I make sure to eat ‘nuts’ every morning (peanut butter on my waffle)
    love and laughter, di

  54. Great quilt. Just how many scrap bags do you have?

  55. love your little quilt

  56. Love your quilt. Thanks for sharing your story and the fabric love! vickise at gmail dot com

  57. I am not nuts about scraps but I love antique quilts and a lot of them are scrappy. I’m familiar with Bonnie Hunter’s scrap system and really need to try it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  58. I am also the one who “shops” the back table at guild. Have made lots of charity quilts from my finds and they really come in handy when doing a quilt a long sampler!

  59. Thanks for the story

  60. I love the quilt and good for you for trying to use up your scraps!

  61. I like your scrappy quilt. The border fabric is lovely. I use your franken-batt method on my batting as well. Thank you for so much inspiration.

  62. I’m just nuts about scraps too! I collect them from all the retreats I attend plus my friends save them for me.

  63. Great use of scraps – made for a lovely quilt. I am making the Wild & Goosey blocks, too – yup, those never ending cut off triangles.

  64. What a great “free” quilt! Love your name for the batting pieced together!! This is my year to really whittle down my selvedges!!!
    Enjoyed your post very much!

  65. this is wonderful. i love that you used scraps you got from elsewhere

  66. I love your scrappy ideas! I need a push to use mine but it’s getting easier!

  67. I have made this quilt Bonnie Hunter calls it wonky stars…..Used a lot of my scraps up and loved it….

  68. I am a scrap quilter also . Your quilt is beautiful . I would of enjoyed a bag of scraps . Hope to win a prize . Thank you for a chance to win . Happy Quilting 🙂

  69. Thank you sew very much for sharing your beautiful scrappy quilts and for hopping.

  70. I love your quilt! I really need to start using my scraps.

  71. Sew Crazy Creations

    Holy Cow… took me forever to figure out where to leave a comment. Not very noticeable. Never been on a blog hop before…. hope i’m doing this right!

  72. Love it! I’m a very scrappy girl! I thank my mother for inspiring me with her ever present scrap bag, and her reliable old mending basket. Of course I began quilting with a scrap pathettchwork tablecloth, covering my hip jeans tears, and designing some scrappy pocket blouses! Thanks for sharing!

  73. Hello! Tried to leave a sweet comment about your lovely quilt, and don’t see it so I will try another email. So, I love saving scraps, perhaps to my hubby’s dismay! I may have to move his fishing gear to make room for more! The stash continues to grow!

  74. Love the scrappy Wonky Stars. Scrappy is really the way to go with that design.

  75. Great star quilt and it is such a bonus to make the whole quilt from your stash.

  76. What a wonderful quilt! I especially like your border fabric. I think it is so interesting the way the more scraps you add, the less any one scrap stands out. Sometimes I think a certain scrap is going to stand out as ridiculous, but then I surround it with a bunch of other funky scraps and none of them seem at all remarkable.

    Thanks for sharing your quilt and your story.

  77. I love your quilt! I have a ton of smaller pieces that may work in a pattern similar to what you did. But then there are other patterns that might be more to my size pieces.

    Thank you for the eye candy.

  78. I really like how your scrap quilt turned oit. The wonky stars are fun!

  79. I too love scraps and only recently finished a table runner done entirely from my scraps. Love what you have done with the stars.

  80. Really beautiful quilt!

  81. Your quilt is just delightful. Thanks for sharing.

  82. Wow, the big effect of all those little pieces is beautiful and amazing!

  83. Love the quilt. It’s surprising how far the scraps go.

  84. I spent part of the day organizing some of my scraps. I love the wonky stars, I haven’t made that block yet.

  85. I love scraps too, and I like your scrappy star quilt.

  86. Your Wonky Stars quilt is wonderful. It is so much fun using up scraps.

  87. Stars and scraps, wonderful way to use up those pieces we accumulate. So cute!

  88. Love the stars. What a pretty way to use up all those scraps.

  89. I love your scrappy quilt! Everything goes together so well. I confess I have a scrap problem too, I give some to my two girls to craft with but the rest are in bags!

  90. Pingback: Welcome To Nuts About – First Day, First Hop Of 2016 |

  91. Beautiful scrap quilt!

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