Project Quilting Challenge Two

Well, better late to the game than not at all! Despite my best intentions, I missed the first challenge but here’s my entry for the second. The theme is seasons and the rules included applique (see Persimmon Dreams for all the details). I stepped well out of my comfort zone, dove into my scraps (my quilting word of the year is Scrap) and here’s my little entry.

I’m calling it “Midsommer by Moonlight” and I have to admit that I’m rather pleased with it. Every piece came right from my scrap pile. I started with the idea of a daytime garden but the scraps that came to hand all said night. The greens for grass and florals and brights are my grass and flowers turning their faces up to the moon and stars. The moon is just a freehand circle of raw-edge flannel that I appliqued with free motion quilting.
So, there it is. little entry. I’m linking it up and going to bed. While I don’t expect it to win or anything, I’m actually really excited to have tried something new and pleased with the outcome. (Not to mention that I used my scraps! )
Linking up to Project Quilting, challenge 2.
Happy quilting!

6 responses to “Project Quilting Challenge Two

  1. I love the look of that wavy quilting radiating from the moon – brings it alive!

  2. That looks wonderful and the quilting is perfect for it.

  3. Nice interpretation of the theme! Doesn’t it feel good to use up those scraps?

  4. The flannel and the quilting in the moon really ads texture. I love the way your scraps came together in your quilt.

  5. I like this quilt! I especially like the sky -the patchwork and the quilting.

  6. The quilting around the moon is phenomenal. Such a fun quilt.

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