Cutting It Up at the Beach

Back in September,  I got notice that I had to use some of my time share points or lose them so I booked us into the beach for the Martin Luther King Day weekend. After all,  a holiday weekend shouldn’t have too many conflicts,  right?


Except Winter Formal which turned out to be scheduled this weekend.  Luckily,  it’s only about 1.5 hours to the resort so my husband and I came down Friday and went back Saturday so I could see the getting ready. Then we picked our youngest daughter and friend up from the dance and brought the two girls to the beach! 

Where,  I must say,  we’ve had a lovely,  slow-paced time.  I read an entire book (more on that later), made use of the hot tub,  walked on the beach,  watched a movie and,  of course,  did a little something quilt related!



My quilt word for the year is Scrap and my goal is to cut up and use a bunch of my lovely scraps.  But when I was looking for a quicker something to work on,  I decided on the two bundles of pieces I picked up at guild. 


I’m quite in love with both bundles and plan to do a pair of quilts for our charity group.   I decided to go with 3.5″ strips and plan to try this setup again but with Kona White for the contrast rail.


Don’t expect  to see it right away,  it’s going to be a leader/ender project tucked between two other leader/ender projects.   However,  this is a start! Now it’s packing up and home to finish my friend’s curtain/duvet set so I can cross something of my list!
Happy quilting, 

2 responses to “Cutting It Up at the Beach

  1. It looks like you had some fun sewing time AND were able to help with the winter formal plans.

  2. It is nice to get away at less busy times at a resort like that. Your daughter looks so beautiful

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