Happy New Year!

There’s a lovely New Year’s tradition in Scotland that includes cleaning your house and paying off your debts by New Year’s Eve.  Now, I don’t have a clean house and there are some debts but I decided I could and would pay off a debt on the blog.  I owe three winners some fat quarters and I feel like I owe my blog friends a quick explanation of my going missing so long.

So, you may remember that I got a new job at the end of September and, like all new jobs, there is a learning curve.  This curve was even steeper because my position should have started in the first week of August so I was a newbie and already 6 weeks behind!  I was putting in as much time as possible to get caught up and then we had not one but two people at the candy shop out on medical issues!  To give you an idea, I worked over 220 hours at my “part-time” job in just less than 8 weeks.  That’s an average of about 25 hours a week on top of a full-time job.  All I can say is that I’m so thankful that I’ve stayed well all that time and that I love both my jobs!

Not much sewing going on in all that but I did manage (after Christmas) to quilt this donor quilt.


I’ve promised a story about these quilts and I will tell it, but not tonight. These blocks are courtesy of Sue at the Heartstrings project and are for a cause very dear to my heart.

As for my winner/fat quarter debt, I did use Mr. Random to choose my winners and here they are:

I’ll be contacting each winner tonight via email.  Starting off the new year with fabric sounds good to me!  In fact, I made a run by my favorite thrift store today and came home with these…


Twelve yards all together for $12.18.  Not bad!  I also spotted this lovely thing and my cousin bought it and will give it a good home.


I’ve never seen chimney sweep blocks put together that way as alternates to the star block and I just love it! Anyone happen to know the name of that star block?

Now, on to the New Year.  I’ve decided that there is definitely a theme for this year’s quilting and it is scrap!  I’ve, well, ahem, acquired rather a generous amount of scraps (here’s a peek at the tip of the iceberg – truly just the tip)

and it is time for these lovelies to get in the groove and get sewn into something lovely!  That being said, I’ve decided to join the 2016 Finish Along hosted by a variety of bloggers (see more here) and so I am posting my Quarter 1 Finish Along goals. I’m only choosing three four  five to start with…if I can get one  or two done each month, I’ll be a happy girl.  I also have my “guilt” UFO’s I want to get done this year – things that have been with me way too long, you know how it is.  (And if you are one of those super organized people who don’t know, well, just use your imagination.)

So, to start off my year there is…

  1. Nuts about you….for the blog hop of the same  name
  2. Blue charity quilt for my guild…all pieced needs basting, quilting and binding
  3. Baste and quilt one existing top…I haven’t decided which one yet but I have at least a dozen to choose from
  4. Finish shirt for my husband
  5. Start next year’s ornaments.

Ok, that enough to get me started.  I wouldn’t want to over-goal or anything…because I’ve been known to do that!

I’m linking up to the 2016 Finish Along as soon as the linky party opens on the 7th.  Want to play along?

2016 Finish-A-Long

Who knows, now that the shop will cut back to less hours, I might even finish one before the linky party!

Happy quilting and a very Happy New Year to you!



2 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. I will definitely be joining in with the finish a long, but i am trying squeak out a last minute finish for 2015 first 😉. I certainly hope you can go back to one set of work hours.

  2. I too am planning to join in on the finish along. My word for the year should be finish. That is what I really want to do, get a few things finished. I should stick to about 5 items for the first quarter too but we’ll see, I am working on the list now. Scraps is a good way to go this year also, my stash of scraps has grown.

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