Christmas in My Heart

Ok, I have to admit it, I’m double-dipping here and I hope no one minds.  I recently entered my first two mini exchanges on Instagram and decided to let my #mostwonderfultimeoftheyear2015 project do double duty as my Christmas in my Heart project.  Why?  Well, funny you should ask…

As soon as I began thinking of a Christmas mini, I began thinking of “Silent Night” as a theme.  Life is chronically hectic right now for me and just thinking of a starry night, snow and quiet was enough to make me smile.  I searched around for that “just right” blue…not too dark, not too solid and started trying out patterns.  I may have printed two or three different paper-piecing patterns before I came on this one by Jennifer from Sewhooked (here’s a link to the free pattern on Craftsy.) So, I had a house that fit my vision and away I went!  I added a free-pieced Christmas Star and, of course, a bunch of snow on the ground.  While I pieced this, I was reminded of one of my mom’s stories.  My mom grew up on farms outside of Joliet, Montana.  She has told me many times about still, frozen winter nights and the wail of the train whistle across the open spaces.  “It was the loneliest sound I ever heard,” my mom will say.  So, unseen in my little Christmas quilt is the echo of those faraway trains and the immense comfort of being tucked up safe and warm in the cold.

My wish for you this Christmas Season is the warmth of friends, family, traditions and stories…the kind of stories that bind us to our history with gossamer threads of imagination.


And, in celebration of the season, I’ve got a little giveaway gift.  I’ve yet to meet a quilter who didn’t enjoy a few more fat quarters so here’s a trio to give away.

Actual colors could vary depending on if this is the set I already sent to my partner or not!

Actual colors could vary depending on if this is the set I already sent to my partner or not!

Just leave a comment, and, yes, I’ll ship internationally (although I don’t guarantee that it will arrive for Christmas.)  I’d love to hear some of your Christmas or Holiday stories but any comment will do.  Enjoy the rest of the hop and may all the blessings of the season be yours!

Happy quilting!


P.S. Please don’t spill the beans to my instagram partner…I don’t think her package has arrived yet!

Oh, and there’s a great giveaway from the Fat Quarter soon as I can get the codes to work, I’ll let you know.  The giveaway is the same on all our blogs today so you only have to enter once!  Special thanks to FQS and Seams to Be Sew for all the fun! (I’m pretty sure you can hop over to Seams to Be Sew and enter, too.)




76 responses to “Christmas in My Heart

  1. Yourproject is so cute! We will have Christmas with my cousins family at Thanksgiving. Daughter 2 a week before and daughter 1 driving to the beach for a few days. Thank you for the giveaway.

  2. Love your wall hanging!! The plan for Christmas is for me to leave hubby, drive 750 miles to spend a week or so with my dad – he’s 94.5 and since my mom’s passing 4.5 years ago, I try to be with him at Christmas so he won’t be alone. At his age, I’m never sure that each Christmas won’t be his last, so I cherish the gift of time with him! This year will extra special because he finally retired at the end of August this year!!

  3. I love the quilting on this fun piece, it really makes all the difference. I used to live in London and would travel home every Christmas eve by train. The trains were always crowded. One year for the last hour of the journey someone started to sing Christmas carols and everyone joined in, it made it such a beautiful journey and one that I have always remembered.

  4. Very cute mini quilt! This year my family and I are spending a quiet Christmas at home, enjoying each others company and good food.

  5. Just beautiful! It really conveys the still, peaceful feeling. When my husband was growing up “Santa” would sometimes set up a scavenger hunt to find gifts Christmas morning. He had fond memories of it, so when our son was young “Santa” set them up for him as well. It was fun and added some excitement with the anticipation of what the gift would be at the end.

  6. Your mini is perfect for the season. It will be loved!

  7. What a beautiful block! I love the holiday season and decorating with tablerunners. Your block would make a great one.


  8. Very nice!!!! And thanks for the chance. It’s the one day of the year my boys and their families are all here with us. I see them all the time, but not st the same time…lol

  9. Aww, thats a sweet mini. And a sweet memberance/story.

  10. Lovely mini.

  11. Your mini quilt is beautiful! Lovely and peaceful! We’ll be spending Christmas at home with our daughter and son and their families.

  12. The swirly quilting makes this piece POP!! Love it.

  13. Silent Night is perfect! Christmas at our house is pretty quiet. My tree gets smaller every year, but that’s OK. Peace….

  14. I love that! And thanks for the chance to win! I am finally starting to get back into Christmas again. Took a few years after losing a loved one. ♥

  15. What a darling piece — and it will be a darling gift, too! I’ve been very intentional in Christmas prep this year. Most of my shopping is done and we’ll wrap next week. I’ve got a terrific Christmas Bible study that starts on Sunday and I’m really looking forward to working through it and enjoying His peace through the hectic holiday season!! 🙂

  16. I love your little quilt! Yes, it looks like that little house is alone in the wide-open spaces, with that lonely train whistle–I can hear it (actually, I do hear it, only 1/2 mile from my house). I love Christmas time because it is a family time for us–busy and loud. Fun!

  17. Your story is wonderful. Your quilted project is lovely (and using it for 2 purposes is just fine). The Christmas tradition that stands out in my mind is how my husband, our girls and I had to work out logistics of visiting both sets of grandparents. We always spent Christmas eve with his and Christmas day with mine. And it worked out wonderfully. Now that they have all passed away, we spend quiet Christmases at home, since both girls can’t always travel for Christmas holidays.

  18. I can just imagine that lonely sound of the train whistle. I love your little mini.

  19. I love the way you quilted the wind. Beautiful work.

  20. Love your mini quilt! The quilted swirls remind me of blowing snow. My favorite Christmas, believe it or not, was the year my house burnt down in December 1999. It drew our family closer together and made us appreciate what really matters.

  21. Your post brought back a memory from childhood! I grew up on the Texas Gulf coast and sometimes we could hear the train whistle. The track was probably five or six miles south of us, between us and the ocean. My mother would sing “Can you hear that lonesome whistle blow…” Thanks for a trip down memory lane and I love the quilt, and I love seeing other’s responses.

  22. One Christmas there was a sign on my niece’s bedroom door “Don’t let the cat out!” There’s always a relative who doesn’t bother to read for one reason or the other, and someone let the cat out, of course. There was a merry chase by my two dogs (one a whippet, excellent at catching small furry things!), my dad got nipped by the whippet, and although Christmas afternoon coffee was interrupted, fortunately the cat was alright! Freaked out, but otherwise unharmed!

  23. Not a Christmas memory but a train’s whistle. Growing up we lived about 3 miles from the train station and I’d hear the whistles as a distant sound in the night. Years later, I stayed alone in our house the night after my Mother passed away. As I lay in bed I could hear the train whistles again and I went right to sleep. It was so comforting. Love your mini quilt.

  24. Christmas is spending quality time with my family…and they allow it IF and WHEN I bring the made from scratch eggnog, that’s got more nog than egg in it. It’s sooooo good ‘others’ are trying to convince me that we need to make it a Thanksgiving tradition too. Sorry folks. Not gonna happen. I would like your quilt hung on my bedroom door – adorable. Festive and sweet.

  25. Your mini is precious, the swirling quilting make it truly look windy and cold.
    One of the funniest Christmas at our home was when I got my husband a boxer puppy, She was only 8 weeks old. we were all asleep when we were startled awake by a crash, this tiny puppy had pulled over the tree and was trying to attack it while amidst the branches. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt and only lost a couple of memory ornaments. But she just gave us another one.
    Thanks for bringing this memory back to me.
    Have a blessed Christmas

  26. Your Instagram partner is very lucky & will love the wall hanging!

  27. That is so cute! Makes me think of snuggling under a quilt : )

  28. I don’t really have a story, but I like yours! It’s a great image.

  29. What a great idea your little quiltlet is! Thanks for the link to that house and tree, too. I might have to copy this idea. Christmas stories? Hmmm, well, there was the year I got the HO gauge train set I’d been angling for my whole life. I think I was 24 that year. =) I had more fun out of that for many years. My husband made an 8-track for me and I built buildings and glued down grass and trees, and generally just had fun. Some of us never grow up. =) Thanks for the giveaway offer, those are terrific fabrics!

  30. One year, while on a skiing trip, I remember walking back to the lodge after having dinner in town. It must have been a full moon as it was light outside, the snow glistened, and there was silence all around. It was a great feeling!

  31. What a lovely gift. Silent Night is one of my favorite Christmas songs and sorta of a Christmas story since it involves the song – Silent Night – instead of a normal lullaby I sang it for my son when he was a baby and toddler:).

  32. carolyn montgomery

    love your mini, thanks for the giveaway

  33. Your mini quilt is beautiful and your added story in your post was a treasure. Christmas stockings are one of my favorite parts of Christmas. My parents always filled it with oranges, apples, and little usable things like nail clippers. There was always a small box of sampler candy, too.

  34. Well I thought I left a comment earlier but I’ll do it again:) sorry if it gets duplicated. This is a beautiful gift. Silent Night is one of my favorite Christmas songs. I used it as a lullaby for my son when he was a baby and toddler. I asked him recently if he remembers me singing it to him and he said yes. He’s 21 now:).

  35. How sweet and what a heart-warming memory. Is there anything more lonely-sounding than a train whistle? In the quiet of winter with crisp cold air, the whistle must have been rather eerie.

  36. I love your project – it does make you feel peaceful and tranquil just looking at it. Thank you for sharing it.

  37. How lovely. And it really does convey the sense of a Silent Night. Thank you for sharing.

  38. Your mini quilt is lovely! Your story made me think of my dad’s Christmas memories of growing up during the depression on a farm in Tennessee. There were ten kids, close in age, and though they might only get oranges and peppermints in their stockings, they had such a happy time. My grandpa would buy a large wheel of cheddar cheese and soda crackers and my dad said they tasted so good! They always had plenty of food on the farm, but store bought treats were a Christmas delicacy. It makes me smile, just thinking about i!

  39. This is so cute! I love snowmen too!

  40. Love the mini quilt! the quilting is perfect for it. This Christmas i hope to be heading home for the first time in 2 yrs if the weather cooperates. I’m looking forward to spending time with family and friends.

  41. Love the quilting on your little piece. Right now I am making all sorts of small household projects for my daughter who is at school in Massachusetts and won’t be home for Christmas. I do look forward to celebrating with her over skype. A new Christmas tradition with my far away children.

  42. Oh, my trying again. Love the quilting in your mini – so effective. I am busy sewing little items to put in the mail for my daughter who is a student in Massachusetts but won’t be travelling home for Christmas. I’ve started a new tradition of opening gifts over video skype with my far away children.

  43. Trying for a third time, Love the mini. My new christmas tradition is opening gifts over video skype with my away children.

  44. Your little house is so warm and inviting.

  45. Love the way you quilted your mini. It’s very effective.

  46. Quilting Tangent

    Cute mini quilt. We weren’t aloowed to opened gifts until everybody could join us. So the kids killed time trying to guess the gift.

  47. Wonderful mini quilt (love Jennifer’s free pp patterns!).

  48. Very cute project. I love the quilting!

  49. Cute mini quilt. We always got together on Christmas Day with family and extended family, having dinner and opening presents

  50. Your quilt is great. My favorite part of Christmas is fun times with family. Cyndi D.

  51. I like the winter scene on your little quilt! These days we drive west through the Rockies to visit our grandchildren for Christmas. Even if there is no snow at home, we can always find wintery scenes on this drive that really make it seem like Christmas.

  52. What a sweet little Christmas quilt! We have a tradition of going out to eat breakfast, then go purchase the Christmas tree, take it home and have a decorating party. Merry Christmas!

  53. Inge Lise Hansen

    I like little quilts and this have I done for me son. His familie came “home for Christmas” and it is a great time.

  54. I love your wall hanging, especially the quilting. The train whistle sounds like home to me. We lived near a train and I always felt safe at home as it went on its way.

  55. What a sweet project. I especially like the quilted snow storm. We had flurries here today and I much prefer to see them in a quilt than landing on my windshield as I drive.

  56. I couldn’t believe when I read your story. I live in Joliet, Montana! I have lived here since I was eight years old. On quiet nights you can still hear the train whistle. Your mini quilt is beautiful, and so peaceful. Thanks for sharing!
    My email is:

  57. What a sweet wallhanging. I love your “unseen” memories in your quilt.

  58. Your little mini is delightful! My best Christmas was the year my daughter arrived – the day after Christmas. She is still annoyed that people combine her birthday and Christmas celebrations. 🙂

  59. i enjoyed your mini quilt. i like the negative space.

  60. What a sweet little mini, that says so much!

  61. nice little quilt …. a silent night with a breeze( the quilting)
    thanks for sharing and hosting your own give away
    Merry Christmas
    in stitches

  62. Love your mini quilt! My sister, niece and I enjoy a Christmas tradition we started some years ago: we make each other Christmas ornaments for a 12 days of Christmas swap, parcel them up in numbered packages, post them off to each other, and on Dec 13th start opening a gift a day! Loads of fun, we all enjoy the sewing creativity, but it has meant I had to buy another tree this year to have a place for all the gorgeous decorations!

  63. It’s an adorable mini and I loved reading the story too…and the double dipping was a genius move too.

  64. Your mini is beautiful!!! I always try to make gifts for Christmas… This year the theme is tea cozies!!

  65. Love the mini quilt and your quilting looks like swirling snow.

  66. This is lovely. I also remember hearing the trains on a cold, clear night. I remember one Christmas eve Dad brought home 2 baby kittens–they loved scrambling through the tree!

  67. Love your cute little mini quilt!

  68. Very nice quilting! My dad has a saying he says every year at Christmas just before we open gifts and one year when I had moved away from home, I called just to hear him say it. “Maybe we should put all the presents up in the attic and then we’ll have twice as many next year.” My dad is still able to say that only now his grandkids and great grandkids moan and groan just like we did years before.

  69. Well I have a thing for nativities of any kind and this is just lovely. She’s going to love it, I loved your story and Christmas was definitely found here in your heart today Beth. What a wonderful project.

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  72. Your mini quilt is adorable! I can almost hear the train whistling in the distance. Beautiful work! The little scene you created reminds me of the year we went to a friend’s cabin to play in the snow with our boys. Great memories!

  73. Your mini quilt is lovely. I love the feel of it and what it expresses in this busy time. I am looking forward to having my son and his family visit and we are hoping for a few silent nights this Christmas.

  74. Very cute little mini quilt.

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