“Center of Gravity” Will Keep You Reading!


One day Ava  is living her dream life: two kids, a handsome successful husband, a beautiful home.  Then there is a call from the school, a chance encounter and Ava finds her world turned upside down.  Now, she is fighting for her life, her reputation and, most importantly, her children.  As the life she thought she was living unravels, she begins to see the cracks and fissures that existed in the facade…but can she save her children before her whole life crumbles?

Laura McNeil does a stunningly good job of taking the reader on an epic thrill-ride of a novel where multiple narrators create an almost 3D image of a family in danger.  Without giving up too many plot points, let me just say that this is a terrific read and will keep you reading.  The mother and son voices are lovely and authentic.  The father perhaps a fraction less so.

However, I give “Center of Gravity” my wholehearted endorsement.  I can’t imagine anyone who loves a good suspense story not enjoying this one!

This book was provided to me by the publisher for this review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own!

One response to ““Center of Gravity” Will Keep You Reading!

  1. Great job with this review! I’m hooked. I’ll have to check at my library and see if they have a copy of it.

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