Sew Spooky…It’s the Halloween Haunts Blog Hop! (And a giveaway!)

Ok, ok, I’m probably overdoing it with the “Sew” titles but I think I’m compensating for not have enough actual sewing time.  (See my previous post…I have a new job, oh, and there’s a giveaway there, too.)  So, here’s what I was working on….I won this cool basket of Halloween fabrics at guild and found a few more on the free table.


I had some really good help…


And some not-so-good but oh so cute help.


And I finally had to concede that my grand plan was not going to happen in time for this year’s hop.



But quilting is all about learning to adjust, right?  We run out of fabric and find another.  We discover that the points don’t quite match and we love it anyway.  And, above all, we use that wonderful creative side of our brains.  Or, we use what other wonderful, creative brains have done an that is just what I did.  I used Tonya Ricucci’s letters (from her Wordplay book) and Soma of Whims and Fancies paper-pieced pattern to make this little wall hanging.


Those aren’t borders, it’s pinned to my  dining room shades at the moment and I wish I could capture the spooky effect the eyes have when it’s dark in the room.  I’m thinking of binding it in black and hanging it on my door for Halloween…what do you think?

In the meantime, there’s a little giveaway of, you guessed it, Halloween fabrics.


These fat quarters will all go to one person and, yes, I will ship internationally.  To enter, just leave me a comment and tell me how you would finish this mini…border, no border, black binding, orange binding…or whatever else you’d like to chime in on.

Also, there’s a Fat Quarter Shop drawing for every day of the hop!  You can enter here as soon as I figure out how to add the codes.  Click here for now!

Fat Quarter Shop

In the meantime, hop over to my fellow haunters and see what chilling things they’ve stitched up!  Sew much fun!  (Oops, I did mean to stop that!)

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Words In Stitches
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Oh, and a special thank you to Marian from Seams to be Sew for all her work putting this together!

Happy quilting!


124 responses to “Sew Spooky…It’s the Halloween Haunts Blog Hop! (And a giveaway!)

  1. I would go with the black…would look as though the cat was looking through the door at the trick-or-treaters!!

  2. I think a fun orange Halloween print could be neat as a border.

  3. You did a great job on those eyes! I agree, make it black! It will really add to your Halloween decorations!!!

  4. I’m going to sit on the fence with this one. I think black or orange would look great.

  5. I think.. no quilting.. yep, don’t quilt it.. stitch it onto a piece of Burlap, just as it is, allow for some fraying so it works with the Burlap, and hang it on the door.. It would be quite cool.

  6. Catherine Robertson

    Everybody needs a helper cat! I think orange binding. Nice work.

  7. The eyes are spooky! Finish the mini off with a fun black/orange print binding.

  8. No borders. I would bind in black so there is no distraction of the eyes. You do beautiful creations.

  9. I like the idea of the black binding and no borders. Then when you hang it on the door, the BOO and the eyes just jump out at you. So cute!

  10. I think a dark binding would blend well and keep the effect the eyes have. Any color would distract.

  11. I think orange. Or an orange/black small print…I think I have the perfect fabric in my stash!!

    Thanks for blogging.

  12. I would make that mini into a trick or treak bag!

  13. No border, black binding! Fantastic project!

  14. I like the idea of a black binding, or is it called envelope style? Stitch on a black backing right sides together then turn right side out and edge stitch .

  15. Black binding would finish your quilt off very nicely! It’s a perfect design for Halloween.

  16. Very cute…..I love a border!

  17. I would bind in black so that the eyes continue to stand out!

  18. I would go with black binding. Love the Fat Quarter Shop — such a fun hop.

  19. That would be very spooky hanging on your door, bordered in black. Great job.

  20. Love your use of Soma’s eyeball pattern, it’s such a fun one and the boo really sets it off 🙂

  21. Love your project! How about meandering around it with glow in the dark thread!!

  22. I like it without a border and just bound in black but just for the fun of it I would have to try a bright green Halloween print or an orange print just to see how it affected the eyes. It would be fun if you could find something with just cat eyes on it. Might make them pop or it could just be distracting. Rina

  23. No border but an orange binding-so cute. Those eyes are so cool!

  24. If you going to hang it on the outside like you said then I would bind in black. If it is possible it will end up inside I would border in orange and black print and then bind with black. I would like to see what you decide to go with.
    Enjoy today

  25. I think I would just use a black binding on it.

  26. I would definitely use black. Nothing to draw your eyes from those spooky eyes.

  27. You did such a nice job with Soma’s design. I really like the table background! Can you cut up the tablecloth???? lol I would probably do a narrow black border with a wider fall colored, printed border on the outside.

  28. i think i would find fluffy stuff, like a dollar store boa in black, and stitch that to the outside edge.

  29. Love the cat eyes. I don’t think it needs another border. I’d test using the bright yellow from the eye corners as the binding. If that didn’t work I’d try a red that matches the border fabric. Thanks for sharing & thanks for the giveaway.

    • My bad. Didn’t read the part about the “non-border” being your shades. So a border with orange & bright yellow would be my first choice.

  30. The eyes are “sew” creepy LOL. Look,now you have me doing that 😉 I think I would do an orange border. Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. I think I’d just surround it it black to make those spooky eyes pop right out at us. I love this and really have to make some! Thanks for sharing!

  32. I love your mini! Great way to improvise and combine good patterns!!
    I’d make the border black…

  33. LOL I have a cat that loves to be in the middle of my quilting and sewing all the time too. Sigh. I do love his attention though. he is the best. your wall hanging is great. I think it would be a great door hanging. Hmmmm. I think I would put a purple binding on it only.

  34. What a great little message sign for Halloween night! I would make a border of some sort of Black Cat fabric, then bind it in black.

  35. Great mini. I would bind it in black.

  36. Debra Kay Neiman

    Black prairie points and strip orange border. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  37. I think I would put a ghostly border on it – one that has glow in the dark ghosts and then bind in black.

  38. Cat eyes are wonderfully spooky. I think I would simply bind it in black.

  39. What a fun Halloween theme post. Your project is going to be lovely, no matter what border you do. I might audition to consider:
    – a black border with a lime green inner border of 1/4″ or piping
    – black border with green glow in the dark free-motion quilted spider webs


  40. Love the eyes! I would add a small orange border to it or neon green!

  41. Oh how fun! Love those eyes- maybe use the color from the center of the eye for the binding? Or black… gah- I’m not good at this!

  42. I would bind it in black so the eyes stand out. Also I would buy a small bottle of glow in the dark paint, Michaels has it, and paint some on the eyes. Now they will glow in the dark! Your hanging is pretty darn cute!

  43. HI, maybe a black solid binding would be neat! thanks!!!

  44. carolyn montgomery

    i would bind in orange and quilt background with a meander ing and then outline design to make them pop.

  45. Its so cute, I would put a striped binding!

  46. I think you have the right idea. Bordering in black would be a little spookier and accentuate the eyes.

  47. I think a black border would be the perfect finish. Halloween is my birthday so I can never have enough Halloween fabric!

  48. I would do a thin border of yellow, & then an outer border in a Halloween print with orange in it. Then I would probably use black binding.

  49. That is adorable. I am only learning paper pieceing, while it is time consuming and uses more fabric, it makes beautiful, perfect quilts. I think I would go boarderless to show it off.

  50. Sew adorably spooky! No more borders, just the black–just add black binding–very cool.

  51. I think definitely black. That much more spooky on your front door!

  52. What a cute wall quilt. If it were me, I’d probably bind it with black, and then use a bit of glow-in-the-dark fabric paint to add dots, spooky eyes, or the word “Boo” to the binding to add to the way those eyes look in the dark. It will be wonderful however you finish it!

  53. I am usually a border girl. but in this case I probably wouldnt add any. but maybe a fun binding. a stripe maybe? in any case, very cute!

  54. Those eyes are really spooky!! Great work 🙂 I would bind it in black.

  55. Kathleen Dalecio

    Your cat eyes are fabulous!!! You are wonderfully creative. I like your idea of just binding it in black. It looks terrific as is. BTW, I love your fabric shade!

  56. I think I would do a thin (1/4 inch) orange binding with some bright yellow piping between the binding and the black fabric. I just love the cat eyes!!


  57. I’d go with orange, or if you could get something like an orange and black stripe or spot I think that would look great 🙂

  58. Making a door hanger by binding it in black would be cute and quick. Those eyes would really stand out on your door!

  59. What lovely fabrics!
    How about a double border for your mini – orange and black?

  60. I love the eyes ! I would go for a few (or one) orange fabric to make a lovely small border/ I think that would look great.

  61. super cute! Love those eyes. I’d leave it as is and add an orange binding.

  62. What a great hanging for your door Halloween night. I would forget about borders and bind it with some spider web fabric. I hope those eyes don’t frighten away too many visitors on the 31st.

  63. I would use Superior Threads Glow in the Dark Thread to quilt spider webs in the background! Bind in black. Cool.

  64. i would finish it with orange binding…

  65. I think I would do no border with a black binding but any way you choose to finish, your quilt will be stunning. Those eyes! Thank you for sharing and for the chance to win … 🙂 Pat

  66. If you want it bigger, by all means add a border. If you’re happy with the size, I’d use a black binding; the orange would detract imho. Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Halloween.

  67. I hate borders – leave this one as done! Just those eyes say it all and a border would take away from them.

  68. I would use just a black and orange binding and not add a border. It’s spooky and the Halloween binding would really set it off!

  69. I would not add a border as I think it would detract from the eyes. Black binding for the same reason. You could add a cute Halloween fabric for the backing.

  70. I would bind in Orange. Have a great day!

  71. I like the black binding idea. Keep the focus on the boo and eyes.

  72. I would say just bind in black. Love how your project turned out. Sometimes the best ones are the ones that we have to just to kind of wing it.

  73. Sew darn cute. I would bind it and maybe use some glow in the dark thread on the eyes. For a truly “spooky” halloween!

  74. I like to put a border on mostly every quilt I make. I would put an orange one on this, but thin. I just think those eyes are the best.

  75. Black border with a few pairs of yellow dots to add a few more littles eyes peering out of the darkness would creep it up even more. I love your big eyes!

  76. I would suggest an orange print border with a black binding or if you want to finish it quickly- just an orange print binding!

  77. I would use the orange you made boo out of and just bind it no borders and yes it will be a great door piece! Fingers crossed I saw some boo crew

  78. Love your project, I would border it in black.

  79. No border, then use a stripe that has lime green, purple and orange in it.

  80. Definitely black. Let those eyes be the focus!

  81. Carlie Holdredge

    Love the cat eyes!

  82. I would do an orange border and black and black binding. Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. Bind it in black and stitch with glow in the dark thread

  84. I don’t think I would do a border, just black binding.

  85. I would go with black border!

  86. Boo to you too. Those eyes are terrific. I think I’d just border it off. Love the photos of your helper and your creative assitant.

  87. Orange binding for the little quilt, it looks like you had fun sewing.

  88. Claire Sutherland

    I think black binding would work well .x

  89. I think it would look really cute with an orange border and orange background. Thanks and God bless! ILuvTheEucharist @

  90. Quilting Tangent

    Black binding (like the black fabric your giving away), to bring out the black of the piece. No boarder.

  91. I think either a border, or binding in a small, green zigzag, or something similar. Your “Boo” is really cute!

  92. Black binding with orange piping, and a little in the ditch/outline quilting. Very cute!

  93. I would use a border with a small orange and black print

  94. Yay! Finally a blog where I can leave a comment! Thanks for having a great WordPress blog! Even Rhonda’s wouldn’t take my comment tonight. I’ll try again later, though. I LOVE your BOO! No border, black binding, hang it on the door. Expect the very young to cry if you actually say boo as you creak the door open! That is deliciously scary, but I’m also curious to see what else you were planning … next year’s hop maybe?

  95. I would probably just bind it in black. Very cute. I have the word play book but haven’t done anything with it yet. Thanks for sharing!

  96. I think an orange/black striped or orange/black star binding would look nice.

  97. I would use a black binding so that BOO and the eyes continue to stand out. It will look great on your door!

  98. It would look really cute on one of those metal stands. Simple but very cute.

  99. I don’t think it needs a border.

  100. I would use the orange binding if you leave it the way it is. But I think a border would be great-then I might use a black binding.

  101. This is so cute. I would leave it simple and just bind it with black. That would keep the focus on the eyes.

  102. Yes a nice black border and quilt it in glowing dark thread…that way it will jump ya every time you get up in the

  103. BLACK for sure! Any other color would detract from the spookiness!

  104. Beth, it’s so nice to meet you. No borders, leave it black.
    I have a helper like yours, always sitting on or near my machine and she’s always picking pins out of my pin cushion and dropping ’em to the floor.

  105. No borders and a black binding! Fantastic!

  106. Rose Marie Andreozzi

    What a great save to come up with something other than what you had planned. Very scary and cute, too! Rose Marie,

  107. The eyes are amazing and spooky!!! I like it black as is with black binding!!

  108. Pingback: Halloween Haunts Starts Today Are You Haunting With Us? |

  109. Definitely black binding to preserve the beautiful spookiness of the eyes. I love the intensity of those eyes. Great job. Thanks for the chance to win the cute fabrics. 🙂

  110. I think black binding and no border would be perfect for this one! Thanks for sharing.

  111. I like the way it look with your curtains around it, so I think a multicolored border would be best 🙂

  112. Tamara Ferguson

    Yep, black binding would be the spookiest — love the eyes 🙂

  113. Orange binding would be a winner.

  114. I think I would just bind off with black-so cute!

  115. Love the little quilt. I think I would bind it in black, so nothing distracts from the eyes. Thanks for the chance to win.

  116. Just an orange binding for me…

  117. I would do orange piping with black binding and then use some Superior fluorescent nite lite thread that glows in the dark for quilting!

  118. Maybe an orange binding. Thanks for sharing

  119. Ah the best laid plans of mice and quilters. I would add a border in the same color as the “boo” and use black binding. I bet those eyes are creepy in the dark.great job & Kudos to your helpers.

  120. lovely monster basket. love the Boo quilt too. cute

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

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