Sew There’s That…

So, once again, I didn’t actually fall off the planet but I did…drum roll please…CHANGE JOBS!!!!!  So, after thirteen years of running an in-home childcare, I’m back into the world of work clothes and all the fun of working with grown-ups. (Well, I work in a school setting so I still get to be around kids, so that’s nice.)  Like any major life change, it’s been busy, hectic, a tad stressful but I am so, so happy!

That being said, I was also happy to sign up for the Halloween Hop over at Seams to Be Sew.  I had this wonderful prize basket I won at guild a couple years ago and a plan.


There was a bunch of cutting of strips…


Some very talented help…


Some less-talented but still cute help…


And then the realization that with two “outside the house” jobs, there is just no way I could make what was in my head happen in the time I have.  So, there’s a Plan B (because we always need  a Plan B in life, right) and I’m excited to show you Plan B on Friday (and I picked up some very yummy fat quarters to give away.)   In the meantime, I’m hoping to review a couple of books that I really enjoyed.

Sew there’s that…my busy, happy life in a nutshell!  Hop on back on Friday and see what I cooked up!

Happy quilting!


One response to “Sew There’s That…

  1. Congrutulations and enjoy your new job.Your helpers are adorable.Looking forward what you do with those strips.Happy sewing!

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