Sew Much Fun!

The planets aligned and I had the whole weekend off!  What’s a two-job quilter to do?  Well, there’s only one real answer!



I sewed, of course!  Well, ok, I did actually cook and press some shirts and shop, too, but let’s just stick to the truly important stuff!  This is my first dog for the Dog Gone Cute Quilt along.  I’m way behind as the instructions are already up for several blocks but check it out at Sew Fresh Quilts. Isn’t he adorable?  He’s the first of twelve blocks for a Christmas gift and I just love him!  Now that I have one done, I expect the others to be slightly easier.  I did find that printing out my cutting directions and having them nearby as I sewed was a help. This little guy has a friend nearly done and then on to the rest!   Oh, and be sure to read the block sizes…I went right by the “larger block” size and spent several minutes trying to figure out how that top row could possibly end up 12.5 inches when the block actually measures about 18×12!  Suddenly it all made sense.

I’ve also started on my Halloween project…which may have to be content to be a top at the rate I’m going.  I started with this fun basket of fabrics that I won at my guild a couple of years ago.


I added a few fabrics from the free table this month and a couple of fat quarters that had been hanging around.  I’m pretty sure I know where I’m going with these but so far, I’m just here

Actually, the stack is twice this high, now!

Actually, the stack is twice this high, now!

I do love those 2″ strips!  I have two quilting projects that need to get done as well.  One donor quilt and one for a friend (she made an adorable top for her husband.)  I’m starting to feel the “oh no, how will I get it all done?” panic setting in so I thought I’d make a list of projects with set-in-stone due dates and, when I got to 7, I decided to take another approach.  So, I’m working on the dogs, the beginning of Halloween, a pattern test and a mini in the kitchen and quilting two quilts upstairs.  That way, I can move between projects and get in my exercise with all the stairs!

Isn’t that a great problem to have to be surrounded by so much quilty fun?  I do love it!

Happy quilting,


One response to “Sew Much Fun!

  1. It can feel daunting when you write a list of the things you want to do, can’t it?

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