The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far…

I’ve been dying to share this story with you all (and I have a ton of other exciting news) but it’s been super busy. So, here goes…

A friend posted a Row by Row from a shop in Colorado that she wanted and so I asked my eldest if the shop was anywhere nearby. Well, it took a while with her busy schedule but she squeaked in on the last day of the Row by Row. She called me after she left the shop and said, “Well, I got your row pattern and I’m not sure how it happened but I left with a stash, rotary cutter and a mat!”

Sarah's new stash!

Sarah’s new stash!

All I could think to say was, “Well, you know that verse about ‘raise a child up in the way she should go and when she is old she will not depart from it!'”  I can remember Sarah at 1-year-old knocking my Bernina off the table in her attempts to push fabric through it like I did.  At three, I was teaching her cousin to sew and, to keep her occupied, I gave her a stack of 2″ squares to line up on my flannel wall.  When I surprised her with the squares sewn together, she told me that the “yellow was supposed to be in front!”  She had a yellow square in the top left corner and one in the bottom right that was one square in from the edge.  I was so surprised to realize that she was “designing” not just putting squares in rows! (She got over her disappointment when I turned the piece over and assured her the yellow was still “in front.”) The finished little quilt still hangs in my kitchen today.

All my girls learned  to quilt and the two oldest even took classes at the Sisters Quilt Show but Sarah’s hectic high school, college, and critical care new grad program kept her from pursuing very many hobbies other than working, sleeping and studying.

Now that she’s a fully fledged nurse, her schedule has finally opened up a little and she’s back to quilting.  She’s a natural for the “slow quilting” movement as she prefers to hand piece.  The funniest thing for me was that her purchase included one fabric I had just bought (the minions) and one that was remarkably similar to one I had just bought and used.

Sarah's black and white

Sarah’s black and white


I’m almost sure this print is related to hers!

So, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree and I’m so excited that she’s quilting again.  We always joke that we share a brain but now we can share our quilting adventures again!

Happy quilting,


2 responses to “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far…

  1. The part I liked the best was “I’m not sure how it happened but I left with a stash, rotary cutter and a mat”!!! Amazing how that happens, right??? Totally cool for your kids to be quilters too – just imagine the fun you will be having together in the years to come with needle and thread!!!

  2. How lovely for you, and for her, that she has returned ro sewing.

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