The Annual Insomnia

I consider myself very lucky that insomnia is not one of my problems. I have it about one night a year and it always puts me in awe of how people with chronic insomnia function at all!  I sometimes struggle to want to sleep (so much sewing I’d rather do) and, depending on the state of my thyroid, I often have to swim up to awake from 2,000 leagues below.  Actual sleeping, though, I’m usually quite good at.  Except last night.  Last night my anxieties and worries chased one another in circles like caffeine-driven hamsters on squeaky wheels.  When my phone beeped a text at 6-something this morning.  I was actually a little thankful for the excuse to run away from my squeaky wheels and chat with my oldest as she finished her night shift and drove home.  Afterward, I contemplated a return to bed but instead opted for a strong cup of tea and some sewing time!


My youngest has been wanting a bow-tie quilt for, well, ever and I bought the purple for the background a few years ago.  I’ve been collecting greens and now we’re officially started.  I struggled with what size to cut the smaller square…the larger ones are 3.5″ and the smaller are 2.5.  I think it makes a touch “chunkier” bow tie but we tried both and she liked this one best.  So, off we go on a bow tie adventure..13 blocks made and, well, a lot to go!

Happy quilting,


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