The Best of Birthdays

Oh, my…where in the world has August gone?  Summer is always busy for me with my dear OPC”s (Other People’s Children) all day.  We’ve had lots of fun this summer but I’m ready to get back into the school routine.

One of the high points of August for me was a visit from my Sarah for my birthday this month.  I had the best birthday I have had in a long time!  My girls arranged for me to have a wonderful day and they made dinner (and cleaned up!)  My younger one was the leading force in organizing my gift…I’m all signed up for Bonnie Hunter’s online class…woo hoo! My husband took me for a ride in the country with the top down while the dinner prep was on.  All in all, it was a terrific weekend!

The birthday table!

The birthday table!

A trip to Powell's!

A trip to Powell’s!

All our girls together again!

All our girls together again!

There’s been a little quilty fun along the way, too, although not nearly enough for me!  Honestly, I’d quilt ten hours a day if I could those pesky things like working just eat into my time!  I did manage to finish my mini for the Dog Days Swap hosted by Jennifer at The Quilted Cat.


My partner sent me an adorable quilt and such great goodies that it deserves it’s own post.  I’m signed up for another dog themed blog hop and a Halloween hop and a Christmas mini exchange coming up so look forward to some fun projects. I’m finally starting on a long-awaited bow tie quilt for my younger daughter.  I’m using a consistent purple background and multiple greens.  She’s requested a piano key border so I’m busy trying to figure out how many six-inch blocks I’ll need so I don’t end up with two quilts worth (I’ve done that before on the Quilt Without End blocks!)  My goal is to cut and sew a few of these each day and then play with layouts.


The other excitement around here is…we have a new addition!  Meet Milo (aka “the moose.”)


At last weigh-in, Milo weighs 8 pounds 6 ounces at only 5 months old!  Our vet believes he will top out in the 16-18 pound range. Isn’t he adorable?  Unfortunately, our cat Jack is feeling quite displaced but they are all starting to get along better.

I also finished this charity quilt made from blocks from the Heartstring Project.  I need to do a blog post on just what I’m doing with these quilts so look for that soon.


Oh, and I’ve read some really, really good books…so reviews are coming!  Stay tuned and happy quilting!




One response to “The Best of Birthdays

  1. It sound like you had a wonderful Birthday and have had some very full days in general. I enjoyed reading your post today.

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